FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance
FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

In 2020, Dr. Paul Marik Handed Health Authorities the Way to Save Millions. No One Wanted to Listen —The FLCCC News Capsule for August 21, 2022

Published On: August 21, 2022|
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This week, the CDC announced that they “fell short” throughout the pandemic and did not provide the guidance the American people deserved due to systemic policy failures. But it was more than that. WAY more. Their failures — and those of other public health agencies — ultimately cost hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of lives here & across the globe.

It is highly likely that their very first misstep — and those of the nation’s other so-called “public health agencies” — took place when they all failed to respond to desperate pleas from Dr. Paul Marik in March of 2020 to consider using the protocol he —and a newly constituted group of world renowned physician experts— conveyed to them.

Here they had been handed a way to save millions from certain death on a silver platter from the world’s most highly published practicing critical care physician. Their response? Deadly silence.

HERE is how it all so tragically unfolded.


In a new blog post, Peak Prosperity’s Dr. Chris Martenson holds nothing back about our government’s response to the pandemic:

“If you managed to maintain your integrity through this awful period of time, congratulations! You are one of the rock stars of this story. You are a solid individual who has courage and stood firm and tall when it mattered most.

As for the people who didn’t, some can be forgiven. But many cannot.”

Dr. Martenson’s blog post is a MUST READ.

The first ever FLCCC Alliance educational conference will be held October 14-16  in Orlando, Florida in October!

The FLCCC Alliance is excited to announce its inaugural conference to bring together the top experts in the field of pathology, evaluation, and treatment of spike-induced diseases. Lectures will focus on the pathogenesis of spike-induced diseases, diagnosing both Long COVID and Post Vaccine Syndromes and the latest, most effective approaches to treatment. The conference will gather some of the nation’s foremost COVID experts and health care providers to learn, share and network — and most importantly to drive greater attention and awareness of the increasing number of patients afflicted with post COVID and post vaccine chronic conditions—many of whom are not getting treatment today.

For more information regarding speakers and registration information click HERE.

On this week’s Long (COVID) Story Short, Dr. Been discusses the cardiovascular effects of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in adolescents. He looks at a prospective cohort study of school children receiving BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, researchers from Thailand. The data is stunning.

Kelly had such bad Long COVID that she couldn’t work for 3 months and lost her job. She found a Physician’s Assistant who treated her like a human being…and gave her hope. He also followed the FLCCC, and Kelly was able to get a prescription for ivermectin. The FLCCC then launched I-RECOVER Long COVID Treatment protocol and with it, Kelly is now back to her pre-COVID self. Watch her incredible story now.


Dr. Naomi Wolf, author, former advisor to the White House, and CEO of Daily Clout was our guest on this Weekly Update. Hosted by Betsy Ashton and joined by Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Marik.

Dr. Wolf discusses in detail tens of thousands of highly technical documents from Pfizer’s own vaccine trial data. Watch it HERE.

Join our Kristina Morros, MS, CRNA, as she explains how to make “bulletproof coffee” for intermittent fasting. This special coffee without cream and sugar will keep you fuller longer to help you maximize autophagy as you follow you fasting plan. Autophagy is a vital process in which the body’s cells “clean out” any unnecessary or damaged components. Coffee and coconut oil also help increase autophagy. This process helps decrease spike protein in your body if you have been affected by Long COVID or Post-Vaccine Syndromes. Watch the video HERE.

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