FLCCC is driven by an evidence-based approach. That means we use scientific research, medical data, and clinical observations to shape our conclusions and recommendations. That also means our thinking can change as new information and data emerges. We don’t just blindly Follow the Science™—we are guided by the scientific process.

Following this logic, our views on vaccination have evolved over the course of the pandemic. At the onset of the emergency, vaccines were not yet available. Our sole focus was on helping the people coming into our hospitals and keeping others from ending up there in the first place.

As vaccines began rolling out, we had many lively discussions among the FLCCC doctors regarding our messaging on vaccines. We were cautiously optimistic that vaccines could play a role in preventing the most serious outcomes of COVID. But we still felt strongly that our protocols should be considered part of a multi-modal public health strategy. We believe in individual choice and informed consent and settled on the advice that people should discuss all options—including vaccinations—with their healthcare provider.

As time went on, we began seeing more vaccine ‘breakthrough’ infections. We also saw doctors continuing to push a vaccine-only approach, which made little sense given rising infection rates. Our “talk to your doctor” advice started to seem counterproductive. And the push to mandate vaccines when the evidence didn’t support their ability to shut the pandemic down seemed irrational and immoral. We went public and said as much.

Dr. Pierre Kory speaks with attendees and reporters at Defeat the Mandates DC in January 2022.

In recent months, evidence from multiple countries indicate the waning efficacy of COVID vaccines or even suggest “negative efficacy,” meaning vaccinated individuals are more likely to contract the disease. This was not the case earlier in the global vaccination campaign, but at the moment there is no measurable benefit from protection against disease.

At the same time, evidence of the potential harm COVID injections can cause has been mounting. As medical professionals, we often make treatment recommendations based on balancing risks with benefits. There is no medical justification to recommend vaccination to prevent COVID-19 given the current data on the safety and efficacy of the injections.

As practicing physicians, we have seen more and more patients with side effects from vaccines and from prior COVID infection coming to us for help. These patients suffer from a range of debilitating symptoms that require comprehensive treatment. Beyond that, they have been disparaged and sneered at by healthcare workers who refuse to acknowledge that their symptoms may have derived from vaccination. Too often they are sent home with little to no relief and told ‘there’s nothing we can do.’

We disagree. There is something we can do, and that’s why FLCCC is happy to introduce its newest protocol, I-RECOVER for post-vaccine syndrome. We are still in the very early stages of understanding this complex syndrome, but the combination of FDA-approved and well-tolerated medications and supplements we are using so far is showing promise in many cases.

We have collaborated with leading doctors and scientists in the U.S. and abroad to put together this guidance, and we will continue to refine and improve our recommendations as we collect additional evidence from patients and from emerging medical literature.

As Dr. Paul Marik recently told a crowd in Ohio, “there’s no disease in medicine that you can’t treat. It’s never too late!”