Veterans Day Honoring Those Who Served

In honoring all who served, FLCCC recognizes the contributions and sacrifices of veterans, active duty, reserve and Guard service members. For the November 15 Weekly Update, Dr. Paul Marik will be joined by Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Theresa Long and LTC (Ret.) Pete Chambers for a in-depth discussion on, ‘mRNA Vaccines and the Military.’

LTC (Ret.) Pete Chambers joined the army in 1983 and served for 39 years. After his first Honorable Discharge he had a break in service to complete college and medical school at the University of New England. He completed a primary care residency and worked as an emergency room physician and was commissioned as a peace officer serving his community as a SWAT team physician and sheriff’s deputy. After the United States was attacked on 9/11, he returned to the US Army Special Forces.

Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long testified under the Military Whistleblower Protection Act that she had witnessed symptoms of myocarditis in pilots who received mRNA vaccines. The Army flight surgeon worried that pilots would begin dying while in flight. However, when she informed her superiors, Long says “my concerns were ignored.”

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On November 28 (6 PM EST) FLCCC will host a (Twitter) Space, The Military, Vaccine Mandates & Impacts

NOV 28 2023 SPACE

LTC Theresa M. Long, former LTC Brad Miller and Sam Shoemate will join as guest experts on this important issue facing active-duty service members.

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