It’s Podcast Roundup time!

1) Earlier this week, Sharyl Attkisson FullMeasure.News hosted a live town hall with Dr. Jordan Vaughn, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Greg Bourgeois and Dr. Patrick Whelan to discuss the longterm impacts of COVID and COVID vaccines.

2) Dr. Pierre Kory joined The Children’s Health Defense’s show ‘Doctors & Scientists’ with host Dr. Brian Hooker,PhD for a discussion on new COVID variants, updates in case against the FDA and doctors’ right to prescribe drugs off-label, new COVID shots, and much more.

Watch: (Dr. Kory in at approximately 5:00)

3) Dr. Pierre Kory joined The Meg Ellefson Show on WSAU Radio earlier this month to discuss recent updates in FDA case and COVID boosters.


4) Dr. Kory spoke with Meg Ellefson again this morning to discuss post-vaccine syndrome or “Long Vax”, the mistreatment of the injured, and the unfortunate politics of COVID and vaccines.


5) On Thursday, Dr. Pierre Kory joined the Steve Deace Show to discuss the new mRNA shots.

(Segment begins at approximately 29:30)

6) Dr. Paul Marik joined Dr. Paul Thomas on the ‘With The Wind’ podcast for a fascinating discussion on COVID protocols and his recent book, “Cancer Care: The Role of Repurposed Drugs and Metabolic Interventions in Treating Cancer,” along with the reality of what happens to doctors who speak the truth.

7) Dr. Pierre Kory joined Kevin Wall Radio KMZQ 670AM to discuss rising COVID cases, the corruption of Big Pharma, the ramping up of fear mongering and the push for new shots.

 (Dr. Kory in at approximately 15:00)

8) Earlier this month, Dr. Pierre Kory joined The Charlie Kirk Show for a discussion on updates in FDA case, ivermectin and the censorship of early treatment for COVID, regulatory capture, and more.

Listen: Kory in at approximately 18:00)


9) In response to the ‘Vaccines for Fall’ guide published by the @nytimes last week, the Children’s Health Defense @ChildrensHD’s ‘Defender’ shared this article. In it, they cite concerns from experts Dr. Kory, Dr. McCullough, Dr. Liz Mumper and more.


The original article from the New York Times can be found here:

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