Catch up on recent podcasts and webinars featuring FLCCC doctors from Aug. 26- Sep. 5, 2023 and make sure to share your favorites!

1) “Dr Pierre Kory Explains the Real Reason the Powers-That-Be are Pushing Another Not-Safe-Or-Effective Covid Shot,” on the Jeff Dornik Show.

Listen: https://widget.spreaker.com/player?episode_id=56714777

2) Dr. Joe Varon joined Ivory Hecker to discuss masks, early treatment and more.

Watch: https://unifyd.tv/programs/covid-hunter-dr-joseph-varon-weighs-in-on-new-tripledemic-and-push-for-masks?category_id=139817

3) Dr. J.P. Saleeby discusses Photobiomodulation (PBM) on FOX 24 Myrtle Beach, SC


4) Dr. Pierre Kory joined The Tom Roten Show to discuss mandates, FLCCC protocols for prevention and treatment, extremely concerning trends in mortality of young people and much more. 


5) Dr. Pierre Kory takes on the Social Media Censors in new Op-ed in RealClearPolicy:

Read: https://www.realclearpolicy.com/articles/2023/08/30/of_rich_men_north_of_richmond_and_social_media_censors_976302.html