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Here are the questions that have been on the minds of so many of you for months:

Can the “products” of an mRNA injection be transmitted (shed) from a COVID vaccinated person to another?

And can it include not only the genetically programmed spike protein product, but also the lipid nanoparticle (LNP) containing the mRNA that is in the injections as well as naked mRNA that can be released from the LNP?

The frightening answer is, “YES.”

On Wednesday’s FLCCC Weekly Webinar, host Betsy Ashton was joined by Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Paul Marik and Scott Marsland, FNP-C, for an important discussion about “shedding.”

The number of patients Dr. Kory and Scott Marsland have seen in their practice who presented with symptoms pointing to possible shedding as a cause led Dr. Kory to mount an exhaustive research initiative on what is known about shedding. He wanted to know if, in the end, the phenomenon could be real.

“Shedding is not only a possibility—it is a reality,” said Dr. Kory. “These are gene therapies, not vaccines. This now has implications for nearly every human being walking the earth — vaccinated or unvaccinated.”

Read Dr. Kory’s 8-part Substack series containing his research and medical perspectives on shedding. It is essential reading for all. His slides from the webinar, which summarizes much of the crucial information in the Substack series, are HERE.

Learn more: Shedding of COVID mRNA Vaccines: A Review of the Evidence

the COVID narrative cannot ignore harm caused by vaccines

From the moment they were released in early 2021, the COVID Vaccines were heralded as the definitive answer to the pandemic. Although many had reservations, few predicted they would cause such unprecedented harm.

We have just published a new guide, ‘Understanding COVID-19 Vaccines’, that helps explain the mechanisms of damage, what the research shows, and reactions and side effects of this new “vaccine“ technology.

This guidebook is a distilled summary of the pivotal findings of a data analysis concerning the COVID-19 vaccines and their effects on the population, divided into these sections:

  • COVID Vaccine Facts
  • Mechanisms of Injury
  • Effects of COVID-19 Infection vs. Vaccine
  • Vaccine Immune Response
  • The Flaws in the COVID Vaccines
  • References

FLCCC 7 News Capsule 1.14.24

In this edition of Long (COVID) Story Short, our Dr. Been reviews a new study from researchers at Cedars-Sinai Los Angeles and Brigham and Women’s Hospital Boston.

The study demonstrates that vaccination in long COVID patients causes a “flare-up” (Dr. Been’s word) of the immune system. (The researchers used the word “aberrant” in some places.) The comparison cohort were non-infected individuals as reference and infected and recovered as comparison cohort. A compelling review.

Recently, Dr. Nathan Goodyear sat down with our own Dr. Paul Marik for a three part talk on his podcast, ‘PRACTICING with Dr. Nathan Goodyear’.

In one part, the doctors discussed ‘Integrative Oncology as an Enlightened Path to Cancer Care’.

“It has been my pleasure to present Dr. Paul Marik’s amazing journey to the destination of Integrative Oncology,” said Dr. Goodyear. “The destination is itself a story…from vitamin C and sepsis through integrative medicine during the COVID-19 pandemic to the founding of the FLCCC, now to repurposed medications stepping into integrative oncology. There is no going back once you open the door of integrative cancer care.”

Also, you can read and download ‘Cancer Care’ — Dr. Marik’s recent review of the use of repurposed drugs in the treatment of cancer HERE.

In a new guest post on Substack, Dr. Michael Turner reviews how the fermented soybean product “natto” benefits cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and improves cardiovascular health.

“Nattokinase has so many health benefits — particularly for the cardiovascular system — that I consider it a top 3 supplement every human being should be taking,” noted Dr. Turner. ”I take it everyday and even take it on vacations…I know, I’m a geek.”

Read ‘Eight Reasons to Love Nattokinase’ HERE.