FLCCC News Capsule 1.14.24

In an Op-Ed in The Federalist this week, Dr. Pierre Kory outlined the three most notable takeaways of Dr. Fauci’s testimony to Congress this week.

Dr. Fauci faced some tough questions from the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic. According to Dr. Kory, “His answers confirmed many of the worst fears of those in the medical community who spoke out during his reign of terror.”

In his Op-Ed, Dr. Kory noted that Dr. Fauci is still refusing to accept accountability for his mistakes. These are Dr. Kory’s takeaways:

👎🏼 Dr. Fauci was NOT following the science.

👎🏼 Dr. Fauci’s vaccine mandate backfired.

👎🏼 Dr. Fauci denied children’s obvious learning loss during the lockdowns.

You can read Dr. Kory’s no-holds-barred Op-Ed HERE.

FLCCC 2 News Capsule 1.14.24

In an astounding new Substack, our Dr. Pierre Kory writes about his shock upon learning that vaccine clinics made calls on at least five different occasions to Westchester County EMS to have ambulances “on standby” for “VACCINE DETAIL.”


“Employees at vaccine clinics in Westchester County, as early as Feb 21, 2021, were calling EMS ‘to be on standby?’ For ‘vaccine detail?’”, wrote Dr. Kory. “One caller informed EMS dispatch that they ‘will be administering vaccines to 220 people today?’ Note they did that as early as February 21, 2021. That is how fast some front-line workers knew how dangerous the vaccines were.”

Then, Dr. Kory nails the utterly profound absurdity—and outrage— about what was happening.

“Vaccines are not a treatment for someone suffering from an active disease. It is an intervention given to generally healthy, functional people to theoretically protect them from becoming ill (I don’t think the dying need vaccines). An intervention which causes a generally healthy, functional person to need an ambulance directly contradicts any belief of utility or safety in this regard.”

Yep. Nailed it. Read his entire Substack posting HERE.

FLCCC 3 News Capsule 1.14.24

We now know that we have more control over our cancer risk than previously thought.

There are some (think Big Pharma) who would prefer that you did not know this, or believe it, since they have much to lose if this tidbit of priceless knowledge spreads too far.

According to our Dr. Marik, controlling your cancer risk begins with practical cancer solutions. (Cancer prevention solutions served up by most “system”providers are anything but practical.) However, emerging evidence suggests many alternatives to traditional methods could reduce cancer risk significantly.

In his landmark monograph, Cancer Care: The Role of Repurposed Drugs and Metabolic Interventions in Treating Cancer”, Dr. Marik posits that cancer is a metabolic, not a genetic, disease. This shift in understanding suggests that we have more control over our cancer risk than previously thought— through manageable changes in lifestyle habits.

This blog is worth a read, a re-read and numerous shares!

FLCCC 4 News Capsule 1.14.24