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FLCCC Launches First Pediatric Protocol — I-CARE: For Kids

Published On: February 25, 2023|
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FLCCC launched its first pediatric treatment protocol, I-CARE: For Kids, a parent’s guide to prevention and early COVID treatment for children, on February 26, 2023

“Most children with COVID-19 handle the virus well and recover fully. Despite a lot of fear-mongering, COVID is not a deadly disease for most children. In fact, data show that the death rate is extremely low in patients under 17-years-old. This guide aims to help you understand the real risks and know how to respond. The best thing you can do is focus on making sure your child is healthy overall and that their immune system is strong and robust.”

Please refer to I-CARE: For Kids Protocol for complete details, cautions and dosing information.

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