Can I use ivermectin if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Based on the current research, ivermectin prophylaxis is not recommended while pregnant, especially in the first trimester. Ivermectin prophylaxis is also not recommended if you are trying to become pregnant.

For COVID treatment with ivermectin, this should be a risk/benefit decision that you need to discuss with your own physician. There has been teratogenicity found in animal studies with HIGH DOSES of ivermectin.

Pregnancy is not an exclusion criterion by the World Health Organization for mass distribution of ivermectin for parasitic infections (the only exclusion criteria is for children less than 6 months).

The health of the mother is the biggest predictor of health of the baby – if a pregnant woman is becoming ill with COVID-19, and has moderate or severe symptoms, the decision to use ivermectin should be a decision between the mother and the physician.

Currently breastfeeding is not recommended while the mother is taking ivermectin and for at least a week after stopping ivermectin, based on the limited available data. This study on the can be shared with your physician along with our other protocols.