Dr. Joseph Varon—one of the co-founders of the FLCCC—worked 715 days straight in his Houston ICU to save thousands of COVID patients. Using the FLCCC’s MATH+ Protocol, the mortality rate of the hospital quickly became the lowest in the nation.

But in a new interview on The Gut Check Project with hosts Eric Rieger and Dr. Ken Brown, Dr. Varon said that as the news media began to flock to his hospital to learn more about his success in saving his critically ill patients, he began receiving death threats at his office. “One of the threats we received said, ‘Tomorrow Dr. Varon will not be around because we are going to kill him.’”

Dr. Varon hypothesizes that this occurred perhaps because of the widespread ostracizing of the FLCCC doctors—all giants of medicine in their fields. Their MATH+ Protocol relied heavily on the use of corticosteroids, which the WHO warned was dangerous to use for COVID.

Local Houston television stations loved Dr. Varon, and soon, he was tapped to appear in hundreds of national and international interviews. Still, no media outlet—print, digital or electronic; local, national, or international—would report about the success of the MATH+ Protocol—although Dr. Varon spoke about it in the interviews. Curiously, mentions of the MATH+ Protocol were always left on the proverbial cutting room floor.

Was there something else at work here? Could it have been that the uncanny ability of the FLCCC to quickly figure out what worked to save all those critically ill patients was threatening to get in the way of the parallel effort by Big Pharma and its stooges-in-waiting to quickly develop and roll out the COVID vaccines in a matter of months? Would news of these patients who’d been snatched away from death’s door make others hesitant to take a “rushed-to-market” vaccine if the threat of death from COVID was perceived to be small?

Though the MATH+ Protocol—with its focus on the use of corticosteroids—was eventually adopted by the WHO after a UK study proved its efficacy, the FLCCC still had a target on its back—especially when it became the first physician organization to identify the data signal for the efficacy of ivermectin to treat every phase of COVID disease. Remember, this occurred two months before the rollout of the vaccines in late 2021. The ensuing censorship, defamation, and persecution of the FLCCC and medical providers who followed their protocols began immediately—and continues unabated.

Dr. Varon—and other medical providers who demonstrated exceptional moral courage during the darkest days of the pandemic—are global health heroes.

When will this insanity end?