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Dr. Fauci, We Have A Couple of Questions

Published On: November 30, 2022|
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Image credit: DonkeyHotey via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s final press conference may have exploded into a heated back-and-forth over the origins of COVID-19, but there are far more pressing questions that remain unaddressed. The incoming House Republican majority would be wise to follow through on their promises to hold hearings to shed light on some of Fauci’s biggest whoppers.

Writing in FoxNews, Dr. Kory highlights three areas policymakers should focus on, starting with the thin data on masking.

During his final press conference, Fauci stressed the importance of facial accessories by cracking a joke about “looking terrific.” Early in the pandemic, he was singing a different tune, acknowledging in private emails, “the typical mask you buy at a drug store is not really effective at keeping out a virus.”

Less than a year later, Fauci was calling double masking “common sense.” Even last week while sitting for a deposition brought by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, Fauci implored a court reporter to don a mask after she sneezed – despite the fact he was not able to name a single study supporting their use. This, in November 2022, more than two months after President Biden declared the pandemic “over.”

The second thing Dr. Kory advises policymakers to focus on is Fauci’s flip-flopping on vaccines — and his refusal to recommend repurposed medicines.

In December 2020, Fauci marveled at the purported 90 percent efficacy rate of the Pfizer vaccine, heralding the development as “just extraordinary.” As the pandemic wore on and “breakthrough cases” became the new norm, Fauci shifted to, “even if a vaccine fails to protect against infection, it often protects against serious disease.” In May 2021, he referred to vaccinated people as a “dead end to the virus.”

Today, as Fauci continues his push for more and more boosters unabated, even the New York Times is publishing stories carrying headlines such as, “Will Covid Boosters Prevent Another Wave? Scientists Aren’t So Sure.” Vaccinated Americans accounted for a majority of CoVID deaths for the first time in AugustFauci denigrated ivermectin, a readily available over-the-counter drug that has proven effective as a COVID treatment, despite his and the media’s constant citing of less than 5 of the 93 controlled trials in order to claim that ivermectin is ineffective.

The sad truth is that Fauci undermined alternatives to expensive new vaccines and treatments to protect pharma companies’ ability to secure quick approvals. FDA Emergency Use Authorization can only be granted if no alternatives exist — so Fauci helped ensure they were all discredited.

And finally, Dr. Kory encourages policymakers to get to the bottom of Fauci’s support for China’s draconian lockdown measures.

The American public deserves to know exactly which elements Fauci borrowed from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) playbook. In 2020, Fauci described himself as “very impressed” with how the “Chinese were handling the isolation.” Before long, “social distancing” became a way of life here in America. So too were mandated testing and periods of isolation.

Thankfully, we have not yet experienced a single incident on par with the Xinjiang apartment fire that killed 10 people, including three children. Even as Fauci slinks to the exit, the untold collective impact of his misguided policies will be felt for generations. People deserve to know if our government was following the lead of the CCP.

Fauci should not be allowed to ride off into the sunset without a proper accounting of his leadership (or lack thereof) during the pandemic — and the ensuing disastrous consequences for the practice of medicine and the American public. Let’s hope the new Congress holds Fauci’s feet to the fire.

You can read Dr. Kory’s full article here.

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