In a new Op-Ed published this week in Newsweek (YES! A mainstream outlet!), our Dr. Pierre Kory, along with investigative journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer wrote that, “America has seen what one insurance insider calls an “open secret” of increased excess deaths—the number of [young] people dying above what is expected.”

They also report that seemingly little effort has gone into investigating these developments and that it is the insurance industry itself that is raising the alarm. “Finance and indemnity experts in the nonprofit Insurance Collaboration to Save Lives (ICSL) are urging insurers to address the simmering health problems reflected in disability statistics.”

Dr. Kory and Ms. Pfeiffer are calling for an increase in patient testing—looking for markers of looming liver and kidney disease, susceptibility to blood clots, and heart problems.

“Until we fully understand what’s causing this wave of destruction, we won’t know how to end it.”

100% correct.

“I used to think the media telling little white lies was dirty but mostly harmless…” writes Jenna McCarthy in the latest ‘Here’s a Thought’.

Jenna goes on to describe the dangerous fallout from having a government-controlled media unafraid to make stuff up.

“When the governmedia spends two years trying to convince us we should hole up in our homes to avoid a virus that was mild in many cases; when they censor and silence renowned doctors and scientists, refuse to release critical safety data, and systematically ignore the stories of the countless vaccine-injured; when they insist we inject our children with known poisons to prevent a disease that has a next-to-zero chance of harming or killing them, trust has officially and permanently left the building. “

We could not agree more, Jenna.

This week, FLCCC Weekly Webinar host Betsy Ashton, along with our Drs. Paul Marik and Pierre Kory, welcomed guest Dr. Lawrence Palevsky—a pediatrician specializing in a holistic approach to pediatric medicine.

Dr. Palevsky, as you’ll soon learn from watching the webinar, is a brilliant, well-considered, compassionate physician who gave viewers (and our own doctors!) a virtual master class in caring for our children in the healthiest and most profoundly beneficial ways possible.

This is a must, must, MUST-see!

Metformin is a medicine that is currently used by over 150 million people worldwide to treat Type 2 diabetes.

But based on positive study results of the use of metformin to treat COVID-19, we have recently added metformin to our I-CARE: Early COVID Treatment Guide. You can find the updated guide HERE.

BACKGROUND: Adding metformin to our I-CARE: Early Treatment Guide was based on the positive results of a new study showing that an incrementing dose of metformin over 14 days reduced the rate of hospitalization for COVID.

It also appears that metformin could reduce the risk of long COVID as well. The researchers followed study participants over time and found that patients who received metformin were less likely to develop long COVID.