FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance
FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

Are Rare Disorders like Trisomy 13 Appearing More in Babies of Vaccinated Moms?

Dr. James Thorp confirms that he is seeing more rare disorders in babies born to vaccinated mothers, and adds that these chromosomal abnormalities are noted in Pfizer’s own data. He notes that in pregnancy, anything that creates inflammation is dangerous, and that the COVID-19 vaccines are highly inflammatory. Dr. Pierre Kory adds that he has never seen a risk to benefit ratio like this, and that as Dr. Paul Marik says, this is the most toxic drug used in history. Dr. Paul Marik says it is astonishing that people continue to be injected with a toxic protein.

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What Actions can we as Private Citizens Take to Help while Lawsuits are Pending through the Courts?

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty says that we must exercise our rights as citizens, put pressure on elected officials, and to - at the family and local levels - start reclaiming their solidarity with each other. He also says we must use rational thought and do our research, and share these findings with others. “It’s going to start small and it’s going to start locally”

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ICD Codes now Label Patient Records with Reasons for not being Immunized. What can be Done about that as those Codes go into All Medical Records?

Dr. Saleeby and Dr. Kheriaty share their thoughts on key issues with labeling the unvaccinated or partially vaccinated with ICD codes, and potential dangerous ramifications. Dr. Kheriaty also touches on the Nuremberg Code and how this laid the framework for informed consent.

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