Our video series, Long Story Short with Dr. Been, now features more than 50 lectures from an amazingly popular educator. A medical doctor and software engineer, Dr. Mobeen Syed (known to his fans as Dr. Been) has been teaching medicine since 1994. He collaborated with FLCCC to create the I-RECOVER protocols to treat long COVID and post-vaccine syndrome.

His video series for FLCCC explores a wide range of topics and research regarding long COVID and other pandemic-related issues in the informative and engaging style that viewers have come to expect from Dr. Been.

“My hope is that Long Story Short becomes the definitive guide for vaccine injury, or long COVID, its phenotypes, its pathophysiology, its incidence, its prevalence,” he says, “and the definitive guide for providers for how to manage their patients.”

One efficient way to dive into the entire series and track your progress through the episodes is to register for the course for free on FLCCC’s Education on Demand platform. The videos are also available on FLCCC’s Rumble and Odysee channels.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find there:

  • A study found that long COVID symptoms cluster into three groups — respiratory problems, fatigue and fatigue-related symptoms, and cognitive disorders. How often do these occur and how long do these symptoms persist? Dr. Been breaks it down.
  • Dr. Been tells you everything you need to know about antinuclear antibodies, how and why are they produced, and what role they play in predicting long COVID.
  • Is there a difference in relative risk of getting long COVID from the Omicron variant compared to the Delta variant? Dr. Been reviews the research showing Omicron has lower odds of resulting in long COVID compared to its previous ancestors.
  • Getting reinfected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that produces COVID disease, elevates the risk of severe disease and of developing long COVID. Find out more in this informative video.
  • Could your long COVID symptoms be related to a reactivation of a latent virus like Epstein Barr? Dr. Been goes through the studies that show the link and reviews some of the therapeutic options.