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At 79, Marianna Received Two Doses of the Vaccine and Experienced High Heart Rate – The I-RECOVER Protocol Helped!

Published On: February 9, 2023|
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At 79 years of age in 2021, Marianna received the two doses of Covid-19 “vaccine.” Ten weeks later, she noticed palpitations and, incidentally, broke her hip. A cardiologist with students attended to her to ensure she could have surgery. There was no mention of the “vaccine”.

For more than a year, Marianna suffered every night, all night, with a high heart rate. She had “followed” Dr. Been and many of the FLCCC associated doctors and she wondered could the heart rate at night possibly be Covid-19 vaccine injury and not old age?

She started the I-Recover protocol in October 2022. “Within months,” Mariana said, “the nightly high heart rate would skip a night. Now, it has been two weeks since the last episode. I don’t know when or if it will return. Thank you FLCCC.”

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