Ceremonial Grade Cacao

  • Ceremonial Grade Cacao

    Posted by kmorros on March 7, 2024 at 3:00 pm EST

    I have recently experienced ceremonial cacao. I wanted to see if anyone else has ever used it? The active ingredient is Theobromine, used <b data-mce-fragment=”1″ style=”font-family: inherit; font-size: inherit; color: var(–bb-body-text-color);”>as a vasodilaton, as an aid in urination, and as a heart stimulant. A ceremonial dose is at least 10 grams or more in one shot! Drink it on an empty stomach!

    Why is cacao good for you from the science prospective?

    Well for starters it has Theobromine, is used <b data-mce-fragment=”1″>as a vasodilator (a blood vessel widener), as an aid in urination, and as a heart stimulant.


    • Healthy Heart. Research suggests theobromine may help protect the heart in several ways
    • Increased Energy.
    • Improved Cognitive Function (at least temporarily)
    • Healthy Teeth.
    • Good Mood.
    • Cough Suppressant.
    • Healthy Respiratory System.
    • Reduced Inflammation.

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    I’m wondering if the 70% to 80% cacao chocolate bars I consume would have the same relative benefit or if the sugar content negates the positive benefits. My consumption from time to time is pretty small like 1/4 ounce so I doubt it has much impact either way. 10 grams is about 1/3 ounce so it is in the ballpark. Are you consuming daily? I don’t drink coffee and this seems like it would be a comparable substitute. But I don’t partake in any substance that has a psychoactive component to any degree. Found this study and offer it for background. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3820066/

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