Feedback Request: Membership/Group Names

  • Feedback Request: Membership/Group Names

    Posted by flccc-eric on December 15, 2023 at 5:15 pm EST

    We have done a few iterations of names for our various membership levels and groups, but would love to get feedback and ideas from the community directly.

    I’ll go over the membership levels, what they cover, and some of our previous ideas. These are the items we are looking for feedback and more naming ideas. We will gather these responses and may do a poll later for the most favored picks.

    Please let us know what names you like or if you have alternative names you think will do well. If you see a name pitched by another member, give it a “like” or a quick reply so we can gauge support.

    Membership Level 1

    Free and open to everyone. The default account when registering on our site.

    Possible Names:

    1. Standard Member
    2. FLCCC Family
    3. FLCCC Army

    Membership Level 2

    A paid membership for anyone interested in their health. Open to the public and does not require you to be a medical professional. Membership plan helps prevent scammers and spammers and unlocks additional features and exclusive content.

    Possible Names:

    1. Healthcare Enthusiasts
    2. Healthcare Renegades

    Membership Level 3

    Includes all the access of Membership Level 2, but targeted for medical and healthcare professionals. Members will be vetted for qualifications (not overly strictly). The goal of this space is for medical professionals to speak freely about new treatment strategies or treatment difficulties, without worry that the public will take these discussions and self-treat inappropriately or dangerously.

    Possible Names:

    1. Medical Mavericks
    2. FLCCC Pro

    Some questions to ask yourself as you consider the names.

    • Does the name immediately relay the type and scope of the membership level? Is it intuitive?
    • Does the name stand alone, or can it get confused with other membership levels or target audience?
    • Does the name encompass all that we do and offer, not limited to communities?

    If you have naming ideas for other areas of the communities or offerings, feel free to present them as well.

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