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“You-Will-Do-As-You’re-Told-Or-You-Will-Be-Punished” —The FLCCC News Capsule for June 12, 2022

Published On: June 12, 2022|
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A recent opinion article in the once venerable New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) posed the following question: Physicians Spreading Misinformation on Social Media — Do Right and Wrong Answers Still Exist in Medicine?

“Medicine has a truth problem,” write the authors, Drs. Richard Baron and Yul D. Ejnes, representing the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM).  “In the era of social media and heavily politicized science, ‘truth’ is increasingly crowdsourced.”

Hmmm. And there’s more.

“If enough people like, share or choose to believe something, others will accept it as true,” say Baron and Ejnes. “This way of determining ‘truth’ doesn’t involve scientific methods; it relies instead on “the wisdom of crowds.”

Oh, gee fellas. Have you ever stopped to consider that perhaps the distributed information you don’t like DOES involve scientific methods? What if the posted information is backed by dozens of high quality, peer-reviewed studies in prestigious medical journals (which was the former reputation of the NEJM)? Oh, and what if the information was meticulously researched and considered by some of the world’s foremost medical scientists, clinicians and physicians in their specialties? And what if the information they are trying to bring to the people has been proven to save hundreds of thousands of lives in the pandemic, but fell victim to dark forces hell bent upon quashing the data in order to advance their own scheme$?

Baron and Ejne’s essay is another scandalous, repugnant entry into the “You-Will-Do-As-You’re-Told-Or-You-Will-Be-Punished” sweepstakes.

So, we are spotlighting this today because we know to whom this essay speaks. It speaks to us—and to every brave and compassionate health care provider in this country who dared to color outside the lines to save their patients using science and best practices. Why? To offer them a way to stay alive.

And then there’s this unbelievable coincidence we’d like to share with you.

Just as the NEJM article was being released, Dr. Pierre Kory, the FLCCC’s Chief Medical Officer, received a letter from none other than…wait for it…Dr. Richard Baron. Yes! THAT Dr. Baron—the co-author of the NEJM essay and ABIM’s President and Chief Executive Officer and head of the ABIM Foundation! Wow. What synchronicity!

Dr. Baron wrote to Dr. Kory to inform him that because he heads the FLCCC, and because he has promoted the use of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID, and because he co-authored a journal paper on MATH+ (the FLCCC’s protocol for hospitalized COVID patients), and because he articulated the dangers to public health of the COVID mRNA vaccines (as documented by over 1.2 million reports of adverse vaccination events on the CDC’s own website)…his Board Certification with the ABIM is in jeopardy. He has been invited to make a “written submission” to the ABIM, and if he fails to respond in a timely manner, it will be considered unprofessional and will be “weighed against you.”

So to summarize: Dr. Kory and numerous like-minded colleagues around the country are being persecuted by the ABIM, which is just another spoke in the debauched wheel that is the coordinated attack on proven, lifesaving—yet unprofitable—science.

The authors conclude their NEJM article thusly: “There aren’t always right answers, but some answers are clearly wrong.”

On THAT point— and that point alone—we can agree wholeheartedly.

In an absolutely stunning essay on Medium entitled, What We Learned From Hating the Unvaccinated, author Susan Dunham writes:

“We knew that waning immunity put vast numbers of the fully vaccinated on par with the shrinking minority of unvaccinated, yet we marked them for special persecution.

“It seems right now like the mandates will return, but this time there’s hope that more of us will see them for what they are: a rising authoritarianism that has no concern for our wellbeing.”

This is well worth the 3-minute read.

If you ever wanted an exemption letter from your doctor explaining why your child should not be forced to become vaccinated against COVID-19 before heading off to camp to work as a counselor, this letter, written by Dr. Pierre Kory, Chief Medical Officer of the FLCCC, is the one you would want. That’s because it is more than likely that a letter of this quality and magnitude would flip open some eyes and quickly drop some jaws.

The letter begins…

“Dear Tall Oaks Band Camp,

Grace Smith (not her real name) is a 16 year-old girl whose parents have asked me to provide guidance regarding the health risks and benefits of complying with the Tall Oaks Band Camp mandate that all counselors be inoculated with the COVID-19 mRNA experimental gene therapy currently existing under Emergency Use Authorization in the United States. Although this medical intervention does not meet the traditional definition of a vaccine, the term vaccine will be employed for ease of use in the below…”

READ the rest of Dr. Kory’s mind-blowing, science-invoking, life-saving, sense-making letter HERE.

This episode of Long (COVID) Story Short with Dr. Mobeen Syed takes an even deeper dive into understanding the regulatory mechanisms of the immune system—including the role of T Regulatory (TReg) cells. Watch it HERE.

From the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF):

“The FDA votes on June 21st to approve the COVID mRNA vaccines for children under 5. Are they safe for kids? No, they are not.”

The Vaccine Safety Research Foundation says this move by the FDA will subject younger and our most vulnerable children to the unnecessary risks of COVID shots. Watch this short video to learn why—and how you can help.

On this week’s FLCCC Weekly Webinar, two brilliant guests, Dr. Andrea Stramezzi from Italy and Dr. Thomas Binder from Switzerland, joined host Betsy Ashton along with Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Marik to discuss Europe’s reaction to the use of repurposed drugs.

Dr. Stramezzi has treated over 5,000 COVID patients, never charging a penny, because he felt that it was his duty as a doctor in an emergency to help. For this, he was arrested by Italian Military Police and suspended for 12 months for not practicing according to the Italian Ministry of Health Guidelines.

Dr. Binder realized the whole prevailing Corona narrative was “unscientific nonsense.” He wrote a blog explaining this just before Easter 2020. It was clicked 20,000 times. Then, on Easter Saturday at 10pm, he was brutally arrested by a Swiss anti-terrorist unit, having been denounced by two well-known acquaintances who felt threatened by his writings. Watch the video to see what happened after that. It will leave you reeling.

P.S. Also, don’t miss the updates on this episode from Dr. Marik on the new I-RECOVER: Post-Vaccine Treatment Protocol.

Watch as Paula MacBean tests positive for COVID-19 and tries to get her prescriptions filled from several different pharmacies with little luck. Depending heavily on the medications she was prescribed, she finally found a small, private pharmacy in Oregon that would fill her prescriptions. By day 8, Paula turned a “massive” corner and by day 10 was well on her way to being recovered!


Here are some more quick tips on Intermittent Fasting (IF) from Dr. Marik.

  • Adopt fasting as a healthy lifestyle choice
  • Stay hydrated
  • Limit refined sugars
  • Eat protein rich foods
  • Eat quality foods
  • Start small and build into it to maintain success
  • Maintain balance in daily activities 

More quick tips below…and an explanatory VIDEO about IF!

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