It was a homecoming, of sorts. As the conference room doors swung open, there were hearty handshakes that fell into warm hugs. There were familiar names, new faces, exhilaration, relief, tears, joy — and overwhelming feelings of belonging.

Here, all felt like family.

Here, it was safe to say the quiet part out loud:

“You saved my patients.”

“Ivermectin kept my patients out of the hospital.”

“You know you are all heroes, right?”

“I can’t imagine not being here. This is amazing.”

During the FLCCC’s inaugural medical education conference, held in Orlando, Florida from October 14-16, over 300 (predominantly) physicians, nurses and healthcare providers came together to learn from some of the world’s foremost experts about how to diagnose and treat the rising incidences of spike protein diseases related to COVID-19 and the novel vaccines. It was also an opportunity to celebrate the rigorous, irrefutable science that pointed the way to saving millions during the pandemic using repurposed drugs….which were spurned and silenced by health officials, pharmaceutical companies and major media feverishly trying to protect the promise of unparalleled profits.

The conference was a historic event—and became a proclamation as mighty as staking a flag in the ground. It was a vigorous affirmation that patients come first; that true science must prevail; and that this was the first iteration of a brand new, global medical education initiative to illuminate scientific rigor, and to ensure health freedom for all.

For anyone wanting to view the conference in its entirety, we are pleased to announce that our ‘education on demand’ package will be ready within the next week or two.



Healthcare providers will be eligible to earn continuing education credits for the virtual conference – the cost of the digital package with credits for healthcare providers is $150.



We want to ensure that the conference content is available to as many people as possible. If you do not need to earn continuing education credits, you can receive the education-on-demand conference at no cost.

However, understanding that the conference was a monumental endeavor requiring significant financial resources to mount, we kindly request that you donate whatever you can afford to help us offset these costs. The suggested donation amount is $50 to $100.

You can also email us at [email protected] to be notified when the package is ready (within the next two weeks).