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“You don’t even have to see a doctor to get this drug.”

Published On: August 7, 2022|
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On The HighWire with Del Bigtree, Dr. Pierre Kory didn’t hold back when speaking about the brand $panking new “anti-viral” Paxlovid. (Actually, Dr. Kory never holds back…thankfully.)

“Our country is getting behind a very expensive, novel, not well-tested drug which has a single mechanism, which is the same one that ivermectin has. IVM is one of the most powerfully binding compounds to the spike protein and it’s way cheaper than Paxlovid. It’s about keeping the market open for the pricey Paxlovid pill.

“This drug has 120 important interactions with other medicines. With 75 of them, you cannot give it concurrently. With others, you have to adjust the dose. In my career I have never used a drug with this many interactions. Never. I’ve never used it, never plan to use it, all of my patients get through fine with combinations of repurposed drugs.

“That’s why I couldn’t believe it when President Biden said this of Paxlovid: “You don’t even have to see a doctor to get this drug.”

So now that you know the facts about Paxlovid’s numerous interactions with other medicines, why WOULDN’T you see a doctor before putting that into your body? (Oops…they left that little warning out of the PR messaging when they gleefully advised that you don’t need an actual pilot when flying a jumbo jet. Pretty much anyone can do it, right?)

Watch the entire interview HERE.

Here is a comprehensive, well-researched document from the Canadian COVID Care Alliance that will help you make an informed decision about whether or not you wish to take Paxlovid.

August 3rd’s CRONY CAPITALISM: Big Pharma, COVID & Vaccines panel discussion held in Washington, D.C. was hosted by Senator Ron Johnson and featured panelists Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Peter McCullough, and Dr. Robert Malone. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to get the facts from the world experts on COVID vaccines.

“What was submitted in the regulatory documents [for the vaccines] is absolutely not aligned with regulatory norms globally. What they were allowed to do was cobble together data from other tests. Somehow, either the FDA had willful ignorance or profound incompetence. The agencies allowed the manufacturers to submit bio-distribution data that had nothing to do with the RNA-encoding spike because they tested a surrogate. —Dr. Robert Malone

In this Substack, we are talking about being silenced—again. Turns out, we’re in stellar company at “Banned Camp.”

“The list of attendees at this ‘blocked party’ is, truthfully, too hard to keep up with. Let’s just say all the cool kids are getting invited. We’re starting to wonder why we’re still alive on the platform, though we often feel our invitation is just lost in the mail…”


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Five days after starting [the FLCCC Early Treatment Protocol], and in spite of an underlying condition and being in a “high risk” group, I am symptom free…” Michael Meurer shares his recent COVID experience in Reimagining Politics. His essay is entitled, “Miss Rona Comes to Visit.”

Host Betsy Ashton was joined this week on the FLCCC Weekly Webinar by two of the founding members of the FLCCC — Dr. Jose Iglesias and Dr. Joseph Varon — who gave us their views straight from the ICU.

From Dr. Varon: I thank God that we actually created the FLCCC. The FLCCC has saved thousands and thousands of lives.”

From Dr. Iglesias on the formation of the FLCCC and Dr. Paul Marik: “The FLCCC really just started with a bunch of guys talking about treatments and what to do, with one doctor, Dr. Paul Marik, who never stopped really making you want to think. He would do whatever he could to save the life of the patient. He thought outside the box and still within the realms of science.He has a tremendous heart for his patients and he is my role model.”

March 20, 2020—Screenshot of the very first Zoom meeting of the FLCCC—even BEFORE it was the FLCCC! Top row, L-R: Dr. Howard Kornfeld, Dr. Jose Iglesias, Betsy Ashton. Middle row, L-R: Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Joe Varon, Dr. Pierre Kory. Third row, L-R: Dr. Keith Berkowitz, Dr. Umberto Meduri, Joyce Kamen & Dr. Fred Wagshul.

“To these brave physicians, I dedicate this article today to the proverbial doctor’s doctor — the great heroes of the COVID-19 Pandemic who remembered their Hippocratic Oaths and placed the health of their patients first and foremost — even to the extent of risking their own careers.”

Read Justus R. Hope’s powerful Substack.

Spike protein. It is something we have heard a lot about over the past couple of years in relation to COVID-19. But how does the spike protein actually cause cell damage? In this study, researchers provide unique insight into the mechanism of damage and the evidence of damage in brain microglial cells using a Raman microspectrometer. Dr. Been breaks it all down HERE.

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