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World Ivermectin Day 2023 Testimonials

Published On: July 20, 2023|
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FLCCC celebrates World Ivermectin Day 2023 with a look back on some impactful reader testimonials from the past couple of years.

Four Hours After Taking Ivermectin, David Felt As if His Lungs Expanded 50%

David’s wife heard that someone she had met with had contracted COVID-19. David kissed his wife every ten minutes so that they could deal with it together. Watch their fascinating MyStory now.

Jenni-May’s Health Improved Dramatically After Taking ivermectin

In August 2022, after battling an extreme flare-up of ME, a friend suggested ivermectin to Jenni-May. Over the next few months, her health improved from 30% to 50%. She took ivermectin again in December 2022, when she contracted COVID, and by day 10 she was in the best health she had been in for many years. She’s now at 90% and is totally thrilled and grateful to be experiencing this level of quality of life.

In Less Than An Hour, She Felt Like Herself Again

This woman battled long COVID, which she didn’t even know existed, for 11 months, until someone she met by chance gave her some ivermectin. In less than an hour, she already felt like her normal self again. Listen to her story now.

Her Late Husband’s Physician Said ‘Ivermectin Is Horse Paste’

Dr. Andrew Johnstone’s patient was told by her husband’s physician that “Ivermectin is horse paste.”

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