Ed Dowd, founding partner of Phinance Technologies and the author of ‘Cause Unknown’, joined Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Pierre Kory and host Betsy Ashton on the FLCCC Weekly Webinar for a timely discussion on ‘The Epidemic of Sudden Death’ that we are all witnessing.

Said Dowd, “We are literally living in a time where corporate fascism is real and human life is cheap. And that’s where we are. And what’s going on is a systemic problem as well as a humanitarian crisis.”

“When people ask me, ‘What can we do?’, I name your organization, the FLCCC. So your organization is the beginning of the new way.”

A completely engrossing discussion.


Of interest, on his Coffee & COVID Substack earlier this week, Jeff Childers wrote about the scourge of excess deaths around the world.

“Europe as a whole is getting shellacked. As of January 14th, official data aggregator Euromomo showed 2022 excess deaths rivaling those for 2020 — the year with the deadliest covid variant and without vaccines or any officially-approved treatments other than a kidney-destroying remdesivir injection and the vent.