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We Need to Hold Public Health Leaders Accountable for Failed Policies

Published On: December 24, 2022|
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Writing in Epoch Times, Dr. Pierre Kory urges the incoming Republican Congress to challenge ineffective policies and push for early treatment strategies that can control COVID.

With COVID-19 cases rising again, public health leaders are returning to the same policies that have failed for the past two years. Major cities are reimposing mask mandates, and officials in Washington officials keep relentlessly endorsing boosters. The White House Covid Response Coordinator just said, “We know we can prevent nearly every death from COVID if people get their updated vaccines and people get treated.” Now, is that misinformation or disinformation? It’s hard to keep track at this point.

Writing in Epoch Times, Dr. Pierre Kory urges the incoming Republican Congress to challenge these ineffective policies and push for early treatment strategies that can control COVID. It’s going to take strong leadership and a concerted effort among lawmakers to put the evidence on ivermectin and other safe, affordable alternatives into practice.

Remember, expensive new vaccines and treatments are available only under FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization, which requires that there are no FDA-approved alternatives. Pharma companies have staked hundreds of billions of dollars on this speedy pathway to market (and government funding). They will pull out all the stops to prevent FDA from ever approving a cheap alternative so they can keep pumping out new products. Dr. Kory explains:

Our government’s support for vaccines knows no bounds, best evidenced by the unanimous approval of the COVID vaccine for toddlers while numerous countries around the world have specifically recommended against it.

The Food and Drug Administration has amended its EUA for Pfizer’s and Moderna’s updated, bivalent COVID-19 vaccines, allowing children as young as 6 months old to receive a booster. At this point, we’ve all seen the flashy commercials pushing their vaccines and treatments, which at no point mention possible side effects or EUA. Because of official government sanctioning, these companies received free advertising with none of the drawbacks or accountability for liabilities.

It shouldn’t be this way. As House Republicans plan to take power in January, they are saying the right things about shining a light on the Biden-Fauci COVID strategy. Pandemic-instituted proxy voting for members is on the chopping block. The origins of COVID are poised to play a leading role in forthcoming investigations.

These are positive steps, but more must be done. The American public deserves answers about why promising alternatives like ivermectin were suppressed. Who was making these decisions and what steps can be taken to prevent it from ever happening again? COVID will not be the last public health emergency, and we must learn from the mistakes of the past to better prepare for the future.

Further, it’s clear the process for studying and recommending repurposed drugs needs major reform and overhaul. It’s long past time for an independent body free from the pressures of politics to oversee this process and conduct impartial research on an ongoing basis.

The new Congress was elected to challenge failed policies and help restore normalcy in our country. A crucial first step is holding those responsible for destructive public health measures accountable. But after that, we need leaders in Washington to work with physicians, scientists, and a diverse group of public health practitioners to implement a comprehensive strategy to control COVID – and avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

You can read the full article in Epoch Times here.

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