Here it is! The recipe for our FLCCC Protocol Life Hack contest’s winning entry: “Nurses’ BA.5 Prophylactic Bubbly Cocktail” – we’ll call it “Pat’s Prevention Cocktail”! A beautiful cocktail that is also an antioxidant, an antiviral, and an anti-inflammatory. Thanks to Pat, and to friend Dee for the inspiration for the entry.

Pat’s Prevention Cocktail Recipe


• Cold sparkling water or Prosecco
• Pineapple juice
• Ginger beer
• Lemon juice
• Mint and/or fresh pineapple slices
• Pomegranate seeds
• Cane sugar for glass rim


Grab a chilled cocktail glass
Grab a cocktail shaker
Rim glass with lemon juice & dip in sugar
Add to shaker 2 parts pineapple juice, 1 part ginger beer, a splash of lemon juice and ice cubes
Shake & strain into glass
Drop in pomegranate seeds
Garnish with fresh mint and pineapple slice
Top with chilled sparkling water or Prosecco
Sip and enjoy
Tips: Serve with a side dish of capers (quercetin) and enjoy with good company in the sunshine (vitamin D)!