A histamine is released by mast cells in response to injury or inflammation. This is part of our immune response. Mast cells can be found all over the body and in the gut.

Histamine released by the mast cells can cause our gut to become inflamed and “leaky”. Gut inflammation can cause an imbalance in the rest of the body. We want to repair a “leaky gut” because this helps strengthen our immune system. Reducing histamine triggers is important in helping repair your gut health.

Histamine triggers include:
• fermented foods
• alcohol intake
• stress

The “leaky gut” can also be repaired by using:
• medications such as histamine blockers and low dose naltrexone
• spore-based probiotics
• dietary changes such as an anti-inflammatory diet

Keep your gut healthy by:
• Eating diverse foods
• Eating fermented foods except when on a low histamine diet
• Breastfeed your baby at least 6 months to build their gut flora
• Take daily probiotics
• Reduce processed foods in your diet
• Reduce sugar intake
• Balance life with stress reduction

And add foods with polyphenols to your diet:
• Berries
• Almonds
• Flaxseed
• Dark chocolate
• Red wine

A healthy gut is part of a healthy immune system and you can begin to improve yours today!