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“Together, Knowledge & Courage Can Lead to Great Things.”

Published On: September 11, 2022|
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In an important new Substack post, our Dr. Pierre Kory implores his colleagues here in the United States and around the world to summon the courage to protect their patients:

I still believe most people in my chosen profession want to do right by their patients. But our system has become so contaminated and rigidly controlled with Pharma Disinformation and influence that it is often safer and easier to do nothing.

You know one way to build courage? Arm yourself with information. Knowledge builds courage, and together knowledge and courage can lead to great things.

Our upcoming FLCCC Educational Conference, the first conference of its kind that we know of, primarily targets healthcare providers but also invites the many interested laypeople that have been generally much more informed on numerous aspects of COVID.

If you’re on the fence about whether to attend because you’re worried about what other people might think of you being there, then the Thought Police have won. Be brave. Be there in Orlando. Stand up for your patients and for the oath you took.

Read Dr. Kory’s entire essay HERE.

Register HERE.


  • Dr. Paul Marik was on ‘The Absolute Truth’ with Emerald Robinson to discuss the use of vaccines during pregnancy, the spike protein, recent reports from embalmers across the country, and more. Watch it HERE.


  • Dr. Kory joined Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog for a discussion concerning data on spike-induced disease, treatment and more. “This is a humanitarian catastrophe, and it is being ignored, suppressed and censored through a well-organized global propaganda campaign,” said Dr. Kory.
  • Dr. Kory was also a guest on the Charlie Kirk Show to discuss global censorship, data on repurposed drugs, and where we go from here. Listen now!

Dr. Alan Bain wants you to know that there are doctors out there who will fight for you.

A member of the FLCCC for over two years now, Dr. Alan Bain has been to court three times to argue for his patients to get the FLCCC protocol. He’s won permission from the judge every time by arguing that ivermectin has TWENTY actions, and is not just anti-viral. His patients have all recovered. WATCH his incredible MyStory now.

This week’s episode of our Dr. Been’s ‘Long (COVID) Story Short’ is all about how to maximize autophagy – it is a must watch! View HERE and please share.

Right thinking. Right energy. And Right Said Fred!

Fred and Richard Fairbrass of Right Said Fred were our brilliant guests on this week’s FLCCC Weekly Webinar. Host Betsy Ashton, with Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Marik, had some fun during the webinar, but the members of the English pop band have taken brave and controversial positions on a variety of issues throughout the COVID storm. Their message was a bright a beacon of light, reason and positivity for so many people. WATCH the episode HERE—and be sure to stay for the surprise video at the end!

One of the most important journalistic voices in this sorry era of censorship has been Mary Beth Pfeiffer. In her extraordinary new essay, Mary Beth — writing for Michael and Teresa Capuzzo’s Substack Rescue and Trial Site News — lays out those ever-pesky truths.

“Indeed, but for a small cadre of brave doctors and researchers, few dare discuss the aftermath of COVID management in the UK, US, and elsewhere—and chiefly the wisdom of repeated vaccinations. Instead, the questionable “safe and effective” mantra infuses media reports and, remarkably, science publishing that sometimes indicates quite the opposite.

“Experts say the evidence of post-COVID damage—from a vaccine-centered pandemic response that rejected early treatment—is becoming too big to ignore.”

Pregnant? Learn about safe supplements, those with undetermined safety and ones to completely avoid. Click HERE for everything you need to know!

Whether you live in California or just don’t want their “so-called medical misinformation bill” to spread to your state, our team urges you to write to Governor Newsom and tell him to protect physicians’ freedom of speech—and to VETO the bill known as AB 2098.

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