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“The Pushing of these Experimental Vaccines Globally is the Greatest Violation of Medical Ethics in History”—The FLCCC News Capsule for March 5, 2023

Published On: March 5, 2023|
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“The pushing of these experimental vaccines globally is the greatest violation of medical ethics in the history of medicine—and maybe humanity.” — Dr. James Thorp

Dr. James Thorp, an ObGyn Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist in Gulf Breeze, Florida, appeared on the FLCCC Weekly Webinar this week along with Drs. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Marik. Dr. Thorp presented many of the findings in his new study to be imminently published in a major medical journal.

In the study, Dr. Thorp and his co-authors compared the COVID-9 vaccine Adverse Events (AEs) over 18 months to the influenza vaccine which has been available over 282 months. They used VAERS data — which is compiled by the government — and adhered to the FDA and CDC’s danger threshold of “two-fold or greater” increases in AEs in citing safety signals in the data.

The study showed that there has been a 1200-fold increase in severe menstrual abnormalities, a 57-fold increase in miscarriage, and a 38-fold increase in fetal death or stillbirth rates. He found 15 other major pregnancy complications, all far exceeding the CDC and the FDA values of safety. “This includes Pfizer’s own internal data,” said Dr. Thorp.

Furthermore, there are more than 30 independent sources that globally corroborate Dr. Thorp’s findings. Anyone who sees the data in this study can try to refute it…but that would be a mega-fool’s errand. Kind of like the guy who says that a Category 5 hurricane is just a soft summer breeze.

Watch the entire webinar HERE.

Jay Naidoo — a lifelong anti-apartheid activist in South Africa and a senior member of Nelson Mandela’s cabinet — has written a blistering Op-Ed about what he calls the “new apartheid.”

Says Naidoo:

“From the colonization of land and countries, we are now facing colonialism of our bodies through the greed of Big Pharma penetrating the once sacred citadels of democracy, manipulating and corrupting our leadership. And ultimately usurping our rights over our personal freedoms and even the right to informed consent.”

Naidoo also says that the COVID mRNA vaccine does not provide immunity, nor does it stop transmission. “I want to hear both sides of this debate of a divided medical profession,” noted Naidoo in the essay. “Hundreds of thousands of doctors from neurologists to cardiologists to endocrinologists to oncologists are sounding the alarm bell. But we have chosen to listen to Pfizer, who has paid one of the largest criminal fines in the history of human kind.”

Our doctors— along with members of our FLCCC team — have been hard at work, and we are very happy to announce that we have THREE new protocols!

  • I-CARE for Kids is a parent’s guide to prevention and early COVID treatment for children
  • I-CARE Insulin Resistance Treatment is to support patients in treating Type 2 Diabetes
  • I-PREVENT Vaccine Injury is an approach to post-vaccine cardiovascular and cancer care.

You can learn more about all our protocols online at /protocols, and please make sure to read and download both the summaries and guides while you are there.

This is a “Seussian” poem by author (and FLCCC Substack columnist) Jenna McCarthy about the plight of a vaccinated man in COVID-19 . Entitled “Morton Sues The Who”, Jenna “nails the psycho and socio-pathology of the last 3 years,” said FLCCC Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pierre Kory.

This is a sobering yet whimsical take on our collective journey. You’ll recognize many of these stops along the way.

On this episode of Long (COVID) Story Short our Dr. Been gives us some important information on how intermittent fasting can impact brain health. Intermittent fasting causes production of beta hydroxybutarate, which in turn helps improve the glymphatic flow of fluids in the brain. This in turn leads to a better clearance of waste products from the brain, helping to improve the cognitive state, memory, and potentially stall the progress of dementia.

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Liz Mumper, a board certified pediatrician, will be joining us for the second FLCCC Educational Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, April 28-29, 2023.


Dr. Mumper will also be on our March 22nd webinar to discuss the new I-CARE for Kids protocol and to answer YOUR questions. (Register for the webinar HERE.)

The FLCCC conference is going global — with speakers coming in from around the W🌏RLD!

Dr. Aseem Malhotra will join us from the UK, Dr. Hector Carvallo from Argentina, and our own Dr. Flavio Cadegiani from Brazil. We are looking for sponsors to help cover the costs of bringing all these incredible doctors in, and your donations of $1,500 or more per speaker go to provide transportation, hotel, and presentations at the conference. You can learn more at flccc.net/conference under “Sponsor a Speaker”. Thank you, for helping us make this incredible event possible!

💊 The Covid Litigation Conference 2023 (CLC 2023) is happening March 25 &26 in Atlanta. CLC 2023 is a unique gathering of trial lawyers advancing COVID-19-related litigation. Over the next 10 years, COVID lawsuits are projected to experience tremendous growth. The conference will offer networking opportunities and panel discussions led by attorneys engaged in Covid-19 litigation. The conference is designed for an attorney audience; however, the public is also welcome to purchase tickets.

Speakers include Robert Barnes, Jeff Childers, Tricia Lindsay, Mary Holland, Bobbie Anne Flower Cox, Warner Mendenhall & Brook Jackson. Doctors on the panel are Robert Malone, Pierre Kory, Paul Marik & Ryan Cole.

💊 This incredible MyStory that came to us from a woman named Joy all the way from Uganda. Joy has a fascinating story, with some surprising twists and turns, and well, we just have to share it with you!

It has finally happened! Our Dr. Paul Marik has joined Twitter…and while he’s still learning the ropes…how about hopping on Twitter for a quick sec to follow him and welcome him to the platform? He actually used his new account immediately following last week’s FLCCC Weekly webinar to join a Twitter Space and continue the night’s discussion with Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. James Thorp. Portends quite well for his future on Twitter, wouldn’t you say? It’s a ‘tweet’ to have you on Twitter, Paul!

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