The words we chose in the image above are NOT hyperbole.

They are, however, words we pray the world will heed — by watching the interview conducted a couple of days ago by Del Bigtree of The Highwire.

Here’s the backstory: The plan was to reveal the details of an alarming story by our Dr. Paul Marik — who flew to Austin, Texas to sit down with Del for the interview. Dr. Marik was set to talk with Del about his pioneering work on the power of a protocol he developed containing vitamin C to save critically ill patients in septic shock — and the ensuing (and appalling) fallout.

Yet, you’ll soon see that the discussion also turned to Dr. Marik’s harrowing fight to keep his medical license, after treating critically ill COVID-19 patients with lifesaving early treatments that were against his hospital’s policy. Here’s why:

The Highwire production team did some incredible digging and discovered a stunning video that captured the moment at a Critical Care conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland where Dr. Marik and Dr. Kory first met in person — right before the start of the pandemic in January 2020 — and fought their first battle together against a corrupt medical system.

This interview is so monumental because viewers will see for themselves for the first time how the unscrupulous, cold-blooded behavior of medical academia was already at work — poisoning and degrading rigorous, reputable science — before the first case of COVID hit American shores. Dr. Pierre Kory joined Del and Dr. Marik during the interview to detail their shocking struggle together to utilize Dr. Marik’s peer-reviewed and published protocol for sepsis. It was (and remains) a life-saving, cheap, and safe protocol for sepsis, which is a leading cause of death in the world.

As we hear in the interview, the Belfast conference sponsors invited Dr. Marik —ostensibly to present his sepsis paper. But what they ended up doing was showcasing a new paper that essentially rebutted Dr. Marik’s findings — humiliating him on the world medical stage. Dr. Kory was in the auditorium and he wasn’t having it — and said so — by pointing out (in atypically measured tones) the glaring flaws in the study they had just presented.

You just have to see this for yourself to absorb the cataclysmic enormity of what happened at that conference, and how it has caused patients with septic shock around the world to die needlessly since.

Please watch it, share it, and tell us what you think. Thank you.

(P.S. And thank you, Mr. Bigtree for the interview — and for pointing out that Drs. Marik and Kory are “two of the most important voices in the world.” Truer words were never spoken.)

Dr. Kory has done it again. Another Substack that tells a damning, tawdry tale of deceit, corruption, and the vile love of profit over people.

“Although Pharma got the high-impact journals to reject all positive ivermectin study submissions, they first got them to retract already published papers despite zero evidence of fraud. Unprecedented.

The corruptive actions of the ‘Editorial Mafia’ are the foundational cause of millions of preventable deaths.”