Betsy Ashton, Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory welcomed psychiatrist Dr. Sheila Furey back to the weekly webinar to discuss ‘Mental Health Costs of the Pandemic’.

Dr. Furey ended the webinar pointing out some of the positive outcomes of the past three years.  “We stood our ground. We know we are right.  We have opened ourselves up to a network that we can believe in, that we can trust.  We are not isolated, (you are here every week), each of us is reaching out to continue to find people and connections.  It isn’t our comfort zone, but has provided a framework better than what we had before, and I really think that’s a critical thing. To have gone through this we are stronger.  We may have suffered and we may be in pain, but we are strong and continue to grow because of that.”

Dr Furey’s presentation, COVID-19 and Psychiatry.

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