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FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

The FLCCC News Capsule—May 22, 2022

Published On: May 22, 2022|
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In a new Op-Ed posted on Fox News, Dr. Pierre Kory takes his own party to task, arguing that, “The Democrat party’s newfound and aggressive affinity for censoring debate and strong-arming doctors is making many of us rethink our political allegiance.”

Dr. Kory goes on to remind readers that “Allowing bureaucrats or politicians to intrude on the doctor-patient relationship inflicts irreparable harm on the practice of medicine.” You can read Dr. Kory’s entire essay HERE.

While elected officials and COVID advisors met on May 12, 2022 at a summit hosted by President Biden to discuss the status of COVID vaccinations across the country, another COVID summit was taking place.

The alternate summit focused on some big questions:

Why have patients been denied life-saving medical treatments?

Why are we not researching the damage being caused by the injections?

Why are medical professionals still being censored by media companies, Big Tech and their own institutions?

The group known as the Global COVID Summit represents 17,000 physicians and medical scientists from all over the world who have signed a declaration based on ten foundational principles. Here’s the story.

The Nurse Freedom Network, led by RN Kimberly Overton, is hosting a fundraising event and Patients’ Rights Rally June 11-12 in Brentwood, Tennessee. There’s a terrific lineup of speakers including the FLCCC’s Dr. Paul Marik and Kristina Morros, CRNA— along with other luminaries like Dr. Peter McCullough who are in the daily fight for medical freedom.

The mission of the Nurse Freedom Network is to advocate for medical freedom and informed consent for ALL. “We are nurses empowering individuals through information, education, and advocacy,” says Overton. “After working for the first year of the pandemic as an ICU nurse, I left the bedside when I became uncomfortable with the treatment protocols that were being used; specifically Remdesivir, which has proven to be harmful and often times deadly to patients. I could not continue working in this setting, watching patients needlessly die, when I knew that there were safe, effective, affordable, re-purposed therapeutics available, but that hospitals were denying these life-saving medications to patients.”

Purchase tickets to the event HERE. To learn more about the Nurse Freedom Network, click HERE.

On Wednesday’s FLCCC Weekly Webinar, we asked, “What the @#$%! is going on in Canada?” Hosted by Betsy Ashton, Dr. Marik and Dr. Kory were joined during the program by special guests Lena and Justine of British Columbia who told their emotional and painful story of unimaginable loss; as well as David Ross, the President of Canadian COVID Care Alliance (CCCA), and Dr. Daniel Nagase. Said Dr. Nagasse of the numerous restrictions put upon the citizens of Canada over COVID and COVID vaccinations, “People really have to get to the bottom of the difference between right and wrong, and legal and illegal.” Watch the entire episode HERE.

Congratulations to our good friend, New York Times best-selling author Michael Capuzzo, for writing “The Drug that Cracked COVID” for Mountain Home Magazine. The story earned Capuzzo the “Best Covid-Related Story” award from the International Regional Magazine Association. We are grateful to Mike for his perseverance in telling this critically important story in such a profound and deeply impactful way.

“I wrote the definitive story exposing the MSM’s IVM cover-up and lying blitz on @PierreKory & flccc.net, and was attacked,” said Capuzzo. “But I was very happy to tell the story of true heroes.” You can read Mike’s entire piece HERE.

How do you know if you are suffering symptoms of Long COVID? Check now to see if you have any of the symptoms on the infographic below. If so, you can find the FLCCC’s I-RECOVER Protocol for Long COVID HERE. Stay well!

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