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FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

The FLCCC News Capsule —March 20, 2022

Published On: March 22, 2022|
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The State of Virginia just recognized Dr. Paul Marik for his distinguished career and life-saving work during COVID. The Commending Resolution passed by unanimous vote. Join us in congratulating Dr. Marik!

The FLCCC responded to a Wall Street Journal article on the results of the TOGETHER Trial. The trial’s results affirm the need for #earlytreatment and confirms that conflicted groups continue to influence competitor trials.


Trials of generic medicines that are funded and influenced by profit-driven pharmaceutical companies will always fail. We need to create an independent, well-funded government body dedicated to conducting well-designed trials and transparent research studies of repurposed generic treatments – not only for COVID-19, but for all diseases that may have safe and affordable remedies. The use of independent research is our only hope of understanding how these medicines can best be used to help patients.

The New Hampshire’s state House approved a bill making ivermectin available by a medical prescribers’ “standing order,” meaning pharmacists will be able to dispense the medication without individual prescriptions. Our own Dr. Paul Marik testified to the New Hampshire state lawmakers in support of the bill.

Former BlackRock advisor, Edward Dowd, appeared on “The Defender Podcast” with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to discuss the financial and moral implications of fraudulent data from the COVID-19 vaccine trials.

“The FDA is in on the cover-up, something went down. The other tip for me was in November of last year, a friend of mine from the biotech industry discovered that Pfizer had failed their all-cause mortality endpoint. And that was not available to us when this fanfare occurred in November of 2020, when they all got excited about 95% efficacy.”

Edward Dowd (L) with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. this week

In this week’s FLCCC Weekly Update, hosted by Betsy Ashton, Dr. Jessica Rose was interviewed by Dr. Pierre Kory about the VAERS database and vaccine injuries.

The Canadian scientist has jumped in with Silicon Valley philanthropist/engineer Steve Kirsch and mathematician/statistician savant Mathew Crawford of Texas and led the world in developing the most sophisticated analysis of the real risks of the COVID vaccines.

Canadian scientist Jessica Rose

Rose was one of the first outside VAERS experts in the world, furiously digging into the database to do the work the FDA and CDC and The New York Times won’t do. She recently authored (with Dr. Peter McCullough) a peer reviewed and published paper reviewing VAERS data and adverse events with young ‘vaccinated’ people that “showed an especially high incidence of myocarditis,” she said.

“The medical journal that published the paper withdrew it, with no comment, days prior to the FDA panel approving the vaccine for young children.” It was a prestigious journal whose peer reviewers agreed with Dr. Rose and Dr. McCullough’s conclusions. But the paper was withdrawn without explanation, which is not only unheard-of in science (before the big COVID vax cover-up), but is equivalent, Rose says, “to book burning.” (You can read the paper here.)

The FLCCC is now on Gettr! Join us in case we get put in Twitter jail— like our Dr. Pierre Kory. :(

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