During the April 20 FLCCC Weekly Webinar, Drs. Pierre Kory and Paul Marik, along with host Betsy Ashton, welcomed both Alexandros Marinos—a statistician and self-described “aspiring practical philosopher”—and journalist and filmmaker Phil Harper. They discussed and forcefully challenged the structure and findings of the TOGETHER trial.

Marinos cited the dozens of statistical anomalies he uncovered in the study, while Harper discussed the communications strategy deployed to make headlines even before the results were published.

Without any hesitancy, Dr. Pierre Kory called the TOGETHER Trial a “fraud”, and brought to light the disinformation tactics frequently deployed by Big Pharma which are indicated in the analysis of this trial. A MUST WATCH.

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Harper and Marinos continued the conversation on a recent episode of The Digger podcast, which you should hurry and subscribe to if you haven’t already done so.

The Digger
Alexandros Marinos – The Digger Episode 5
Watch now (95 min) | Alex has been incredible on the Together Trial, raising some significant problems which have not been explained. Why did we have a week where 57% of the patients ‘randomized’ in the trial went to the Ivermectin arm of the study, at a time when the case fatality rate had essentialyl doubled. Until we have answers on these huge problems, is it fair to say the trial has lost its credibility…

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On this podcast, Dr. Paul Marik—the most highly published critical care physician in the United States—rails against bullying and efforts to intimidate doctors into therapeutic nihilism for acute illness in order to promote the mandated mass program with no regard for safety/efficacy.

Though recent headlines on the TOGETHER Trial trumpeted that ivermectin does NOT work for COVID-19, numerous clinicians (including Marik) see the TOGETHER trial as a small, under-powered, poorly administered, low dose, short course, conflicted study. Though the results themselves tended to FAVOR ivermectin—the therapeutic that has saved hundreds of thousands across the world—Dr. Marik sees past the glaringly false declarations in the headlines and exposes them for the deceptions they impart.

Also this week, Dr. Pierre Kory joined Newsmax’s Eric Bolling and colleagues Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone for a discussion centered on mask mandates, the case of a pilot who had a heart attack after being vaccinated, and whether COVID is now endemic. Watch it HERE.