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Sauna Treatments and Photobiomodulation

Published On: October 26, 2022|
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Dr. Joe Mercola joined Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Marik for a fascinating discussion on ‘Sauna Treatments and Photobiomodulation,’ and how Near Infrared Light (NIR) therapy is being deployed to treat diseases caused by the spike protein.

We have to warn you, this webinar got pretty heated. It even hit 200 degrees at one point… But, it can be a hot topic when you’re talking about photobiomodulation.

Enough with the puns already? Fair enough.

Toward the end of the webinar, Dr. Marik was so excited about this potential treatment, he shared that the I-RECOVER post-vaccine protocol will soon be updated with a new section on photobiomodulation. Dr. Kory also noted that he’s going to prescribe it more in his practice. And Dr. Mercola, who deeply understands the benefits, was delighted.

So back to the start. What’s photobiomodulation all about?

Dr. Mercola’s first slide set the scene by asking “Where is most Melatonin made?” His answer, surprisingly, wasn’t the Pineal Gland. It was the mitochondria (a study showed that 95% percent of melatonin is made by your mitochondria). And Dr. Mercola advised that it’s really only mitochondria that are exposed to near-infrared light.

Isn’t that amazing? Well, probably not as amazing as Dr. Mercola’s No. 1 FREE recommendation. “To optimize your health, get out into the sun an hour a day, exposing as much of your skin to the sunlight as you can afford.”

You could see it was obviously working for him as he shared that this year, just from exposure to sunlight, he got his Vitamin D levels up to 100.

The great thing about this treatment is, if you can’t get out into the sun regularly, saunas and especially Near IR light saunas are really good alternatives.

Studies show saunas offer a reduction in all-cause mortality, a lower risk of dementia, and a stronger immune function.

And then if you have a sauna that uses Sauna Space IR Bulbs (which closely match the solar spectrum from the sun), you also benefit from increased mitochondrial adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production; increased heat shock protein (HSP) levels to help refold your damage proteins; activated cell stress response; increased autophagy; and also anti-inflammatory effects and wound healing.

Dr. Marik summarized it by encouraging us all, with a smile, to “Just get into a sauna and sweat.” He did clarify that “It’s quite interesting that the concentration of heavy metals is much higher in sweat than it is in urine. So actually sweating is the way the body was designed to get rid of many of these so-called toxic metals. So, you know, just getting hot and sweaty a few times a week is a good thing.“

Here’s a link to Dr. Mercola’s presentation.

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