Authors: Peralta EG, Fimia-Duarte R, Cardenas JW, Dominguez DV, Segura RB


Covid-19 is one of the viral infections that have always accompanied us. In some years harmless, but from time to time with a higher risk potential. What is particularly unsettling for us is that transmission often occurs from a symptom-free carrier. According to Stanford University from October 26, 2020, the mortality is <0.2%, but is still higher than with "normal" influenza. The information policy during the pandemic has led to disinformation, uncertainty and fear among the general public rather than to education and motivation to make personal provisions. And a lot of toilet paper may be reassuring, but effective prophylaxis looks different. The discovery of a miracle pill is currently not in sight. As with influenza, the effectiveness of the Covid vaccines will depend on whether and how the virus changes. It is still unclear whether and which side effects must be expected and when and for whom a vaccination will be available.[/fusion_text][fusion_text columns="" column_min_width="" column_spacing="" rule_style="" rule_size="" rule_color="" hue="" saturation="" lightness="" alpha="" content_alignment_medium="" content_alignment_small="" content_alignment="" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" sticky_display="normal,sticky" class="" id="" margin_top="" margin_right="" margin_bottom="" margin_left="" fusion_font_family_text_font="" fusion_font_variant_text_font="" font_size="" line_height="" letter_spacing="" text_transform="" text_color="" animation_type="" animation_direction="left" animation_color="" animation_speed="0.3" animation_delay="0" animation_offset="" logics=""]Keywords: ivermectin, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2

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