This week, our Dr. Pierre Kory testified before state legislators in Maryland and Wisconsin, advocating for an end to vaccine mandates in both states.

In his testimony during the hearing in Maryland on Monday, Dr. Kory cited the incontrovertible scientific data about the COVID shots:

“There has been systematic suppression of data showing that these vaccines are neither safe nor effective. The data shows they do not reduce transmission, and the vaccinated are even more likely to get COVID. Any mandate that ignores natural immunity is absurd. There is no rationale for this. 33% of people who received the vaccine have had adverse events. These mandates are killing Americans.”

In Wisconsin, Dr. Kory’s home state, this was a portion of his stunning testimony on Tuesday. The state legislature was considering the possible suspension of portions of DHS Chapter 144, regarding vaccine requirements for students in grades 7-12.

“People are being fed bad information— false information. When you do that, you can create a lot of damage. We are in the middle of a humanitarian catastrophe. Life expectancy has dropped from age 79 to 76. Who has to die for this to happen? For this to happen, we must lose an inordinate number of young people. Sudden cardiac death is rare. Yet suddenly, people in the prime of their lives are dropping dead.

“Pharmacy fridges are full of vaccines. People aren’t having it anymore.”

💊BREAKING NEWS💊— Following the hearing, Wisconsin’s state legislature voted to suspend DHS Chapter 144—giving the choice to vaccinate children back to their parents!