This week’s FLCCC Weekly Webinar— with Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Pierre Kory and host Betsy Ashton—focused on the International COVID Summit III, held last week in Brussels, Belgium.

Dr. Kory—along with surprise (❣️) webinar guest Dr. Ryan Cole—both attended the landmark event which was hosted by the European Parliament. A transcript of the proceedings will now be entered into the official record of the European Parliament.

So WHY was this gathering so important? And WHY should it matter to you?

First, the summit provided us with robust testimonial evidence of fraud, lies, and sustained efforts to control populations across the world using fear, coercion, marginalization/persecution of non-conformists, and other strong-arm tactics. This comes at a time when the world is just starting to awaken from their almost hypnotic state—which was induced by the relentless drone of the tactics noted above.

New peer-reviewedscientific studies are now emerging…seeing the light of day at last…and providing new, incontrovertible evidence of the sheer folly of mask mandates, lockdowns, and most of all, the vaccines—which we now know caused the deaths of more vaccinated people than those who remained unvaccinated.

Taken as a whole, the excerpted testimonies presented during the webinar illuminate the documented truth of what occurred—and who must be held accountable. These include public health organizations and elected officials—many of whom defied their sworn imperatives to safeguard human life and health. Their sacred oaths are now nothing more than wind-whipped rubbish, tumbling away into oblivion.

Let us not forget the pharmaceutical companies and corporate interests that waged deceitful campaigns against efficacious repurposed drugs which, if used widely, would have obviated the need for nearly all mechanical ventilation and saved countless lives.

Then there was the media—which hungrily agreed to become ubiquitous partners in the murder of millions through false reporting, fear mongering and defamation/persecution of those who refused to parrot the official narrative. (We like to call those who bravely defied the narrative as “The Honored Courageous.”)

And what about the high-impact medical journals? Their perversion of science in the COVID-era through mass retraction of peer-reviewed papers and their refusal to publish robust science doomed millions.

An irrevocable tenet that informs the FLCCC’s organizational mission to develop safe, accessible and effective therapeutic protocols for the health benefit of every human being on earth is this:

We know that our work is not just for today. It is for a thousand tomorrows as well—for innumerable generations yet to come. We are certain that by rising to heal the broken places in the world where it is encouraged to place profits over people; where damnable lies are expected and normalized; where censorship is the birth mother of myriad death sentences; and where incontrovertible medical evidence is publicly flogged and mocked, we can help to create a new global health paradigm for the future, built upon the unshakable shoulders of human compassion.

The event in Brussels revealed powerful evidence of deadly wrongdoings for which the evil purveyors must be called to account. Our work—and that of myriad other like-minded organizations throughout the globe—must never again be hindered by scorched-earth edicts meant to preserve profits; while caring not at all for those who suffer or perish in their wake.

Those days are over. The body of testimonial evidence amassed in Brussels is mission-fuel.

“Putting Humanity First” is our uncompromising mission goal — in perpetuity.

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