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FLCCC TshirtDear Friends,

Team Spring just shut down our little store! They claim we are “spreading Medical Misinformation” and are dangerous and don’t want to help support us.

Dangerous? Seriously?

For working to save lives in the middle of a raging pandemic?

With doctors who put their lives on the line in ICUs then work 24/7 to create scientifically based, safe and effective treatments against COVID-19?

Dangerous? To whom?

Your purchase of a T-shirt or mug has helped us get the word out to doctors the world over.

They have thanked us for helping them save their patients.

Their patients have thanked us, too.

But for now, we have just 24 hours to retrieve the money you paid for your products

We’ll begin searching for a new solution that respects free speech and the exchange of quality, data-driven and clinically effective treatments.


Avoid Censorship. Sign up for our emails aat flccc.net/signup.

And thank you for your kindness and support.

You can still Donate here. Thank you!!

Please go to our  donations page if you would like to support our education of medical professionals and the public in safe and effective ways to prevent and treat COVID-19.