Medical Evidence


One of the earliest and most profound insights into the pathophysiology of COVID-19 disease was that of it’s extreme “hypercoagulability,” found the most severely ill patients suffering severe inflammation. The studies below detail both the high incidences and types of clotting complications seen in critically ill COVID-19 patients, along with studies demonstrating associations between anti-coagulant treatment and improvements in survival.

April 9, 2020 | China
High rates of VTE in severe Covid-19
“Prevalence of venous thromboembolism in patients with severe novel coronavirus pneumonia”

May 6, 2020 | USA
Mt. Sinai Hospital: Systemic anticoagulation improved survival
“Association of treatment dose anticoagulation with in-hospital survival among hospitalized patients with COVID-19”

May 4, 2020 | France
VTE incidence in Covid-19 ARDS is 5x that of non-Covid ARDS
“High risk of thrombosis in patients with severe SARS-CoV-2 infection: a multicenter prospective cohort study”

April 20, 2020 | China
Chinese experts recommend full anti-coagulation in Covid-19
“Chinese expert consensus on diagnosis and treatment of coagulation dysfunction in COVID-19”

May 5, 2020 | The Netherlands
Daily VTE incidence increases rapidly over time in hospital, associated with death
“Incidence of venous thromboembolism in hospitalized patients with COVID‐19”

March 27, 2020 | China
Anticoagulation is associated with decreased mortality in Covid-19
“Anticoagulant treatment is associated with decreased mortality in severe coronavirus disease 2019 patients with coagulopathy”