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Jessica Lombardo: A Hero Among Us

Published On: March 23, 2023|
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“It’s my way of channeling my intense frustrations for good…” Jessica Lombardo: A Hero Among Us

Jessica Lombardo was already a hero to all of us at FLCCC since she and her family were early supporters of the organization. Their gift and their belief in our efforts helped expand our reach back in 2021.

Learning more about Jessica’s incredible work made us realize that she is one of the many extraordinary “Heroes Among Us” and her story is one to both lift up and celebrate.

Jessica’s mission is simple. She hears about, finds, and provides support for those who have been hit hard by vaccine injury and really need assistance.

In her words: “I provide that support to let people know they are not alone, not crazy, not to blame — and that their body is a miracle — to never give up on healing.”

She explained a little further. “Initially, I was following ‘Real Not Rare’ back in 2021. Each day I was feeling more and more helpless as I read the stories of the injured as they poured into the platform. One day in January, I read a story that was so heartbreaking I decided I needed to find that person and help them.”

And help them she did. Over 50 people have now benefitted from JessiCARES, Jessica’s personal grassroots initiative that aids the injured by helping them set up GoFundMe fundraisers, guiding them into support groups with each other, and sharing treatment protocols from FLCCC, World Council for Health, and functional medicine practitioners.

Jessica says, “It’s my way of channeling my intense frustrations for good and feeling empowered to help people. I believe this is my soul’s purpose and this is why I’m here on earth today.”

She says, “Dr. Kory, Dr. Marik, and all the FLCCC Alliance are heroes for my family and humanity. You are true inspirations for the work that I do.”

Jessica, the feeling is mutual. We thank you for being a real everyday hero — for taking action, caring, helping, and making a real difference for so many.

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