Oh my…where to even begin?

We know you are pressed for time, so we’re going to do our best here to highlight the key takeaways from one of the most astounding sociological studies to date on the impacts of censorship in the era of COVID.

The study’s authors, academic professors and luminaries from Israel and Australia in the fields of criminology, sociology, communications, and the humanities, found that in the case of COVID, censoring doctors and researchers of high stature and notable achievements has become a regular phenomenon in many places throughout the world.

As you may know, censorship is a subject with which the physicians of the FLCCC and other courageous “dissidents” around the world are tragically familiar. In the study, the “orthodox” position on COVID refers to the dominant position supported by most major governmental and intergovernmental health agencies. The term “heterodox” refers to those with dissenting views. The FLCCC is proudly “heterodox”— because respecting rigorous scientific data and irrefutable medical evidence is what has allowed us and many, many other brave practitioners, to save hundreds of thousands of lives across the globe throughout the pandemic. #PATIENTSFIRST.

Here are some excerpts from the findings of the study.

Censorship and Suppression of Covid-19 Heterodoxy: Tactics and Counter-Tactics


The authors state: “Our findings point to the central role played by media organizations, and especially by information technology companies, in attempting to stifle debate over COVID-19 policy and measures. Findings also point to the extensive involvement of pharmaceutical and information tech corporations in silencing information and studies that may be unfavorable to them.


The authors write: “Many of the doctors and researchers being censored by the world’s biggest technology companies are not fringe figures. These are mainstream scientists, many of them leading experts working in prestigious universities and/or hospitals, some of whom have authored books and published dozens or even hundreds of papers and whose studies have been widely cited. Some of them are editors of scientific/medical journals and some are heads of medical wards or clinics.”


The authors reported that silencing and censorship practices can have far-reaching consequences, manifested in the violation of freedom of speech and of ethical principles, harming science, and potentially risking public health and safety.


The authors describe some of the tactics used by the censors to silence doctors, scientists and researchers during COVID-19.

Cover-up — Attempting to hide the existence of censorship by masking the real sources behind it. For example, “Fact Checkers” are portrayed as ‘independent’, but most are agents of the perpetrators.

DevaluationPublishing false and disparaging claims about the targets, dismissing them from work in academia or medical institutions, and stripping them of various senior positions and board certifications.

Reinterpretation — Framing censorship as a means of “protecting the public” from the dissenting doctors and scientists by portraying them as “misinformation spreaders” endangering public health in a time of crisis.

Official Channels—This is part of a wider range of silencing and repressive actions, which also includes formal proceedings, such as investigating or withdrawing their medical licenses, suing them, or ordering a police search of their homes.

Intimidation—Tactics intended to intimidate and deter them from continuing to publish their views and criticism, and also single them out in a way that implicitly invites harassment by others and serves as an example to other doctors and scientists who think the same way as the “dissidents.”

If you have the time, read the entire study. It’s the indictment of the cowardly peddlers of censorship for which we have been waiting.

Of note regarding fraudulent smear campaigns…