“The COVID ‘vaccines’ have negative efficacy. The vaccines are the most dangerous medical intervention ever inflicted upon human beings.”

So said Dr. Paul Marik, Chief Scientific Officer of the FLCCC on John Frederick’s Outside the Beltway.

“We’ve been told that the vaccines are ‘safe and effective’. That’s a lie.” said Dr. Marik. The federal government and the state agencies do not accurately record the incidence of adverse events. Moderna and Pfizer have said the number of adverse events was only 2%. But new studies now show that up to 8% of people worldwide who took the shots have experienced vaccine injuries. So 8% means that 10-15 million patients have been affected and 50,000 have died across the world. And those are just those that have been reported. We are facing a catastrophic, uncontrollable disaster.”

Watch Dr. Marik’s entire interview HERE beginning at minute 3:34.


“If you have an inconvenient opinion compared to the forces that are really controlling the health systems, they will try to neutralize you.” —Dr. Pierre Kory

Watch Dr. Pierre Kory’s stunning interview conducted during the recent World Council for Health’s Better Way Conference in Brazil.

“It didn’t matter that we [FLCCC physicians] were thought leaders in our specialties and had been for years; or that we advocated early for corticosteroids to treat COVID and though we got pushback at first, a few months later, we were vindicated when the use of corticosteroids became the standard of care.

“But then, when we saw that numerous studies on ivermectin demonstrated that it was a highly effective, early treatment antiviral that was saving lives across the world, they came after us. We thought people would be happy to hear this news. We thought it was going to have a high impact on saving lives across the world. But instead, we were met with lies on our personal character and professional reputations…designed to make us appear un-credible. Through this whole process, I have become an expert in corporate disinformation tactics—which includes the creation of fraudulent science.”