Instead of Jumping for Joy that People Didn’t Have to Die from COVID, They Fabricated a Ferocious Fairy Tale

I am a lifelong Democrat — and a relentless lover of humanity. But those two descriptors that go to the core of who I am are currently at extreme odds with one another. And that has generated a crisis of conscience for me.

Before I tell you more, I must confess an undeniable truth. I am 100% certain that if I did not receive a Facebook message in March 2020 from a friend (also a Democrat) I would not be writing ANY of what follows here. She wrote asking me to help her longtime friend, Dr. Paul Marik, to contact government officials about a lifesaving protocol he developed for COVID-19.

Furthermore (and most tragically), I would likely be railing AGAINST it.

That thought haunts and hurts me every single day. That is because since March 2020, when a small group of doctors — along with myself and Betsy Ashton, another semi-retired media professional — formed the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), we have worked without end to save lives across the globe. Led by an unparalleled team of world-renowned and highly published critical care physicians, we did just that — saving hundreds of thousands of lives by advocating for early treatments that made all the difference between health and sickness; and between life and death.

I cannot imagine what would have happened if I had never been involved with the critical mission of the FLCCC. This work has galvanized the part of me that seeks to do all that is possible — however modest — to lift the lives, circumstances and conditions of people in need. The overwhelming sense of purpose I have derived from pursuing what has become a constantly urgent humanitarian mission cannot be adequately described in words alone. It has become an ever-present feeling…as if my entire way of moving through the world has pivoted to one where, at all times, I am conscious that I am leaning in towards the miracle prayed for by people I do not know, but whose pleadings for hope, for help and ultimately for survival, I can clearly hear.

Our job at the FLCCC was always to tell people how they could save themselves. But tragically, this has not been easy to do. The reasons why this simple task has been so difficult have generated the personal crisis with which I am wrestling.

As many of you know, the work of the FLCCC — and that of like-minded health care organizations and providers who also advocate for early treatment—has been vilified, criminalized, mocked, derided, suppressed and censored all across the world. Having been part of the FLCCC from the day of its founding nearly two years ago, I have observed our peerless critical care team of physician/scholars as they became the first to report crucial, lifesaving medical information about COVID-19 with flawless precision.

The FLCCC was first to report:

  • That COVID-19 was transmitted through airborne particles
  • That COVID-19 was a steroid-responsive disease
  • That anti-coagulation (blood thinners like Heparin) reduced the risk of clotting in COVID-19 patients
  • That COVID-19’s “atypical” pneumonia was actually an “organizing” pneumonia
  • That there was a powerful data-signal from rapidly emerging studies across the world that ivermectin had the capacity to prevent and treat every stage of COVID-19 disease.
  • That certain viricidal mouthwashes and gargles reduced COVID-19 viral load
  • That fluvoxamine’s anti-viral properties were effective for COVID-19

Given all of the above — along with the expert academic credentials and clinical expertise of the FLCCC critical care team — one might wonder why the FLCCC would ever be marginalized instead of widely celebrated; and why the news that dozens of scientific studies showed that most of the mind-boggling dying was unnecessary was never shouted from the rooftops by every media outlet in the world?

It’s because things got political…and fast. Ivermectin and all manner of early treatment were put in the crosshairs with the vulgar lust for money pulling the trigger.

Perhaps the demonization of the FLCCC becomes less surprising when you realize that the components in the FLCCC’s hospital protocol (MATH+), and in the outpatient protocol (I-MASK+), are largely inexpensive, off-patent, globally available and have high safety profiles. Use of these protocols would interfere with the trillions of dollars in profits off the vaccines (and their Emergency Use Authorizations). The protocols would also interfere with the marketplace introduction of new anti-viral drugs (which have significant safety and efficacy issues) being developed by Big Pharma.

Though the FLCCC is NOT anti-vaccination, the team believed that the very concept of promoting ANY single solution to conquer COVID-19 was flawed at the starting block. As the novel virus began to burn its way through the U.S. in early 2020, and the race to develop vaccines was on, patients who became symptomatic were told to go home, take Tylenol and only return to the hospital when they could no longer breathe. For far too many, it was too late. Way too late. (That’s why at the start of the pandemic, the doctors of the FLCCC pleaded with health agencies worldwide to use steroids early in the disease. Doors slammed in their faces until some months later, when a study at Oxford University showed that COVID was indeed a steroid responsive disease. Just as the FLCCC doctors had said months before…months when people continued to die unnecessarily for lack of early intervention.)

Then, by early summer, 2020, the FLCCC was working to identify treatments that could be used by outpatients to prevent and/or treat every phase of COVID-19 disease. The goal was to keep people out of hospitals—and certainly out of the ICUs. But just when the FLCCC held a press conference, and then days later as Dr. Pierre Kory appeared before a senate committee in the fall of 2020 to announce that a medicine (ivermectin) had been identified that could treat every disease phase of COVID-19 and prevent death, the distribution of the vaccines was ready to begin. Though ivermectin and the suggested immune-boosting components recommended by the FLCCC were offered as a “bridge to the vaccines and a safety net for those who have not yet received the vaccine, or those for whom a vaccine is contraindicated,” Big Pharma, the nation’s public health agencies, elected officials and the corporate entities that held a stake in the success of the vaccines began a vicious, coordinated campaign to shut ivermectin—and us—down.

The fight to save lives with early treatment was on.

As a member of the communication team for the FLCCC, I wrote (repeatedly) to the newly named members of the Biden White House COVID-19 Task Force. I received a lone response from Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, the panel chair, who said she would look into it. Subsequent emails and pleadings to Dr. Nunez-Smith went mostly unanswered.

I called and wrote to the media outlets that had been my “go-to’s” over the years. CNN. MSNBC. PBS. NPR. The Washington Post. The New York Times. What I got back was a dense forest overrun with crickets.

Now it’s a year later. The vaccines are out. Third, and soon fourth shots will be given. People are still dying. The evidence for ivermectin is still being throttled. Major media has triumphed in is efforts to poison ivermectin in the minds of millions who now repeat the words they’ve been so successfully conditioned to parrot.

“It’s horse de-wormer.”

“People are overdosing on ivermectin like crazy.”

“It’s snake oil.”

“There is no scientific evidence whatsoever that it works.”

“It should never be used except in clinical trials.”

“It’s only prescribed by quacks.”

“The vaccines are the only way out of COVID.”

The great exception to the virtual media blackout has been conservative news outlets in television, radio and online and in print. FOX News and Newsmax, hosts of conservative podcasts, and reporters for conservative blogs are sharing our messages widely— and inviting our doctors to appear on their programs. All while the more “moderate” or “progressive” news sources I used to rely upon for news and insight have been party to the contemptible lies about ivermectin—lies that have demonstrably resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people— consigned to death for the love of money.

Knowing about the work I do, members of my own family have disparaged me, my writings, my work and the FLCCC. “You’ve become a conspiracy theorist, Joyce,” they say, having never read the thousands of letters and emails we receive from people whose own lives, and those of loved ones or friends have been saved by ivermectin. They know how passionately I campaigned for Democratic candidates over the last two elections, and now tell me that they never thought they’d see the day when I would “turn tail” and join the other side.

Oh my God.

Enough. Just freaking enough. This should have NEVER been a political football on fire. Ever. I know with scientific certainty that ivermectin doesn’t care who it saves or whether the person who takes it pulls a blue or red lever. This is only about one thing: Saving as many lives as possible using one of the safest drugs ever brought to market. It’s only the fact that those hell-bent on throttling early treatment saw cheap, organic, effective, little ivermectin and early treatment components as viable threats to the trillions of dollars that were invested into the COVID economy; and that is why early treatment became a target for the deadly derision it received.

If early treatment wasn’t what we’ve said (and KNOW) it is, then they wouldn’t care. They wouldn’t lift a finger or raise a dime to trash it. It would just evaporate into the mist if it wasn’t saving lives around the world —as it has by the millions. They had visions of David stunning Goliath. So they went to war—using slanderous, malignant words as merciless, killing swords.

The world should have jumped for everlasting joy at the news that an overwhelming majority of people did NOT have to die from COVID. Instead, those with vast amounts of power who stood to lose a lot of money if the battle lines weren’t set against ivermectin, concocted a murderous fairy tale and sold it to people around the world who believed them. Sadly, many of those believers are now dead.

The news sources I once trusted have failed abysmally, having hitched their wagon (and any shred of integrity they might ever have had) to a far-flung killer lie. I am calling them out now—all of them.

And I am calling out all those elected officials (left, center and right), public health appointees, Big Pharma, people who sit on the boards of Big Pharma, corporate enablers, and even charitable foundations that are party to these ongoing crimes against humanity. Fix this. NOW. Before another wife has to lose her husband. Before another father has to lose his daughter. Before another baby has to lose its mother. Before we become nothing more than a pack of pitiless assassins gone mad in the frenzied quest for gold.

For right now, I feel like I don’t belong to any political party…because I don’t. Going forward, I will only support those candidates and parties who demonstrate that they are “upstanders”, rather than bystanders. And I will actively campaign against all who choose to look the other way when they know there is much they can do to help stop the dying.

So for now, I belong only to the Humanitarian Party. It is not formalized, but it is populated by every person on earth who places the greatest value on human life — above all else—and lives their life accordingly. My guess is that many of you reading this essay already belong.

In the end, however, there are glimmers of hope that the facts about early treatment that have been buried under torrents of dangerous falsehoods are about to see daylight.