Tests for Spike?

  • Samantha_FLCCC

    June 13, 2024 at 5:22 pm EDT

    Hi Steve, there are SOME specialty tests like the one you’ve mentioned to detect spike protein, however they are new and not widely available and of course still need more time to be developed. Spike Protein related disease information is constantly evolving as a science and most of mainstream medicine does not recognize the disease whether it is an acute or chronic problem, therefore affordable testing to detect spike protein specifically is not available to the public. Diagnosing the amount of spike protein is only one part of the assessment and treatment of spike protein related disease. Strengthening immunity and immediate treatment are the most important steps a person can take to combat spike protein exposure and shedding incidents that may cause Long COVID and/or Long vax symptoms and systemic inflammation. If you feel like you have spike protein related symptoms Lin the form of Long covid, vaccine injury or shedding, it would be best to consult a doctor who is literate in these areas as treatment is almost always a clinical picture based plan rather than spike protein quantity blood test driven approach. Dr. Kory has spoken to this with his patient base in his private clinic. As many times the numbers don’t correlate with symptoms and the goal Is to alleviate symptoms and eliminate the cause. The website has a list of Telehealth providers you can search under resources as well. Hope this can be a good starting place. We will of course advise as testing evolves.

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