IVM Purchasing Please Help

  • IVM Purchasing Please Help

    Posted by Matthew Woolley on July 7, 2024 at 3:31 pm EDT

    Live in Florida.

    LC since February 5, 2022.

    Had to quit work due to symptoms in September 2022. Fed up with the persistent symptoms, and the cognitive decline and memory issue has me scared to death. FINALLY doing something about it. LC Protocol has me starting with about 28 mg/day increasing to about 55 mg/day if effective after 2 weeks. WHERE can I buy in quantities and doses like this? If it works I am to maintain the 55 mg/day for at least 2 months before weaning off. At 3 mg tablets that’s 18+/day or 550 tablets per month.

    Need help finding quality IVM at prices. I keep hearing its so cheap. Great. Where? Please help.

    I have purchased the other supplements as well as methylene blue and plan to start that this week as well. Just need the IVM.


    John Scott replied 6 days, 2 hours ago 4 Members · 3 Replies
  • 3 Replies
  • Tina Tena

    July 7, 2024 at 5:44 pm EDT

    Is like to know also. Trying to find now. It’s so frustrating

    • John Scott

      July 8, 2024 at 7:47 am EDT

      Hi, if you’re having trouble purchasing you can get it in a liquid form from a stockfeed supplier. I purchased Bomectin.

  • vegandan

    July 8, 2024 at 12:11 am EDT

    Go to Indiamart and search for IVM. Over the years I have purchased over 3000 tablets for friends and family in 6mg and 12mg strength. The price is almost the same so I would recommend just getting quotes for 12mg tablets. Most don’t require any Rx.

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