Fight Back Friday!

  • Fight Back Friday!

    Posted by Karen_flccc on January 19, 2024 at 8:04 pm EST

    Welcome to our Fight Back Friday discussion!

    Our goal for these posts is to share:

    — big news items of the week to inspire and movitate the FLCCC Army fighting back against this corrupted medical machine

    — identify things our Community can do to help amplify the work Dr. Kory, Dr. Marik and others are doing

    — identify actions we can take to promote medical freedom, solid science and fight back against censorship and the corrupt medical machine

    I’ll kick us off with a few items from the news this week — please chime in with more items & ideas.

    PS — Sorry so late getting this out today!!

    *** Dr. Mary Talley Bowden and Americans for Health Freedom have started a PAC to fund candidates to vow to call for the end of the Covid-19 vaccines.

    She continues to add elected officials and candidates to her list!

    “January 19, 2024
    We now have 95 candidates, 76 elected officials and 1 Surgeon General from 33 states publicly stating the COVID shots must be pulled off the market.
    Many are also pledging not to take donations from Big Pharma. Over 17,000 physicians stand behind them.
    States with the most elected representatives:
    New Hampshire (23) Kentucky (11)”

    *** From James Roguski — “NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION, to speak out
    against the negotiations being conducted by the World Health
    Organization and to sign the Canadian Petition to exit the UN and the

    *** Representative Andy Harris, MD calls for the government to compensate the vaccine injured in his Epoch Times interview with Jan Jekielek.
    “We’ve exempted the pharmaceutical industries from liability, but that doesn’t exempt the federal government from liability,” says Representative Andy Harris, MD.

    “Let’s create compensation for these individuals. I mean, if they’ve been harmed by a government program—which was the COVID mandatory vaccination…the government should do something when they get a side effect of basically what was the government’s recommendation.”

    “We have to deal with that as Congress.”
    Watch Interview:

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