Are the doses of Vitamin C high enough in the FLCCC protocols? Is Liposomal Vitamin C superior to regular Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is water-soluble and is transported through the small intestines by a protein transporter, where it binds to SVC21 receptors in the gut. These transporters become saturated and cannot accept more Vitamin C over a certain dosage. Therefore, higher doses do not yield higher plasma concentrations of Vitamin C.

Liposomal Vitamin C uses the exact same transporters and receptors that regular Vitamin C uses in the body, so there is no added benefit to using Liposomal Vitamin C. The only way to administer higher doses of Vitamin C to achieve higher plasma concentrations is to bypass absorption in the gut by administering Vitamin C intravenously.

Vitamin C supports the gut microbiome by increasing levels of bifidobacterium. Vitamin C is a free radical scavenger and anti-inflammatory, supporting the immune system and reducing the stress on the body associated with sepsis. It also works synergistically with Quercetin.