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Long Story Short

Long Story Short2023-03-14T13:59:31-05:00
Dr Mobeen Syed


Our new video series, Long Story Short with Dr. Been, features one of the internet’s most popular medical educators.

A medical doctor and software engineer, Dr. Mobeen Syed (known to his fans as Dr. Been) has been teaching medicine since 1994. He collaborated with the FLCCC Alliance to create the I-RECOVER protocol to treat Long COVID.

This video series will explore emerging topics and research regarding long COVID and other pandemic-related issues in Dr. Been’s informative, engaging style.

Check back Fridays for new Dr. Been videos!

Norepinephrine, Glymphatic System and Brain Health

March 24, 2023|

During the wakeful hours, the production of norepinephrine increases. This increase helps with alertness, but also causes vasoconstriction. The outcome is a reduction in the interstitial fluid levels and reduction in the clearance of waste products. During sleep, NE levels reduce, reversing the above mentioned mechanisms, leading to more interstitial fluid movement and more glymphatic clearance of the waste products and better brain health.

Alzheimer’s, Sleep Disturbance and Brain Health

March 17, 2023|

In ‘The Sleeping Brain’ article, the authors suggest that sleep disturbance causes reduced removal of the waste products from the brain, leading to the accumulation of beta amyloids - which in turn is observed in Alzheimer's disease. Studies present an association between APOE4 and sleep disturbance. Additionally APOE4 is linked to sleep disturbance before the onset of Alzheimer's symptoms. Additionally, it is thought that APOE directly leads to beta amyloid metabolism disturbance. And, finally, it is thought that stress-related proteolytic cleavage of APOE4 leads to accumulation of tau proteins. Let's review the evidence.

Sleep and Brain Health

March 10, 2023|

The N3 phase of sleep is characterized by delta waves, also called slow wave sleep (SWS). This is the most restorative phase, marked by an increase in the glymphatic convection in the brain leading to clearance of the waste products.

Intermittent Fasting and Brain Health

March 3, 2023|

Intermittent fasting causes production of beta hydroxybutarate, which in turn helps improve the glymphatic flow of fluids in the brain. This in turn leads to a better clearance of waste products from the brain, helping to improve the cognitive state, memory, and potentially stall the progress of dementia.

Berberine and Pancreatic Beta Cells

February 24, 2023|

Berberine has many important mechanisms. In the current series of talks we examine the management of Type 2 diabetes mellitus and how Berberine helps increase insulin secretion.

Metabolic Syndrome Defined

February 17, 2023|

Metabolic Syndrome is the starting topic in the second in a series of lectures on the incredible Chinese herbal medicine, berberine. This episode of 'Long Story Short' comes to us from the February 8, 2023 FLCCC Weekly Webinar with Dr. Mobeen Syed (Dr. Been) and Dr. Paul Marik.

Magnesium for Long COVID and Vaccine Injury

February 3, 2023|

Magnesium is an essential mineral/nutrient in more than 600 enzymatic actions in our body. Tied closely with the activation of vitamin D, Magnesium is involved in smooth muscle relaxation, neuroprotection, innate arm modulation, gut microbiome modulation and much more.

Nattokinase and Heart Health

January 3, 2023|

Nattokinase is a thrombolytic, spike-protein degradative and anti-aging enzyme produced by Bacillus subtilis. Nattokinase is made by fermenting soybeans with Bacillus subtilis. Dr. Been reviews its actions in the first of a three-part lecture series.


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