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Dr. Kory and Dr. Marik to Speak at COVID Litigation Conference 2023

Published On: February 23, 2023|
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FLCCC Co-founders Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Marik will speak at the COVID Litigation Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Sponsored by Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, the main topics will include:

Mandates (employer, military, schools, health care)

Civil Rights (small business shut down, infringement of property rights, censorship of individuals and doctors)

Physicians (medical board and board certification agencies for infringing on doctors license)

Hospital Negligence (mis-use of medications – i.e 25% of those who got remdesivir did not meet criteria, restricting of medicine, especially repurposed ones, restricting doctors autonomy and even patient autonomy)

Fraud (medical fraud – vaccine trials and approvals, financial fraud around the PPP loans)

The conference will run March 25-26, 2023.  For more information visit vacsafety.org/events.

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