Tens of thousands of people turned up in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday to hear from speakers and musicians at the Defeat the Mandates rally.

Here are a few excerpts and photos from the day-long event. You can watch the full event video here.

Dr. Pierre Kory: I feel sad for everyone who is not here, everyone out there who is drowning in lies, unrelenting propaganda, false information. I never knew this would happen.

Me and my colleague, Paul Marik, formed the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance and all we have tried to do, from the moment this pandemic was coming to U.S. shores, is to figure out how to treat this thing and to come up with the most effective treatment protocol in the world. We read every paper, we talked to doctors around the world, and we figured this disease out. It is treatable – early treatment works.

Along the way I became one of the world experts in the clinical use of ivermectin in COVID. And I didn’t know that knowledge would launch me into 15 months of watching corruption unfold every day in the newspapers and on television and in medical journals.

I can’t recognize a society where suddenly we’re celebrating pharmaceutical companies. We listen to their CEOs tell lies, and those lies get put in newspapers, and they kill people. And they lead to these ridiculous mandates.

There are so few Americans who recognize what’s happening. They have taken control of information and they are infecting our brains with lies. The world has gone mad, and it’s not their fault. It’s from unrelenting propaganda and censorship of good information.

So, I want you guys to keep fighting. Keep spreading the truth. I thank you for your support.

Dr. Paul Marik: Thank you, America. We are here today for freedom, liberty and the ability to choose. We do not want hospitals, state agencies, the federal government, the WHO, the NIH, the CDC, telling you what treatment you need. You and your doctor need to decide what treatment you want. And if there is risk, there must be consent.

They have lied to you. They have told you mistruths. They have indoctrinated you. They have profoundly disseminated misinformation. What they have told you is one big fat lie. We know masks do not work. We know the vaccine does not work. We know that social distancing does not work. We know that locking up people does not work. We know that masking our children has such a profound effect on their development. It must stop.

We know that early treatment is effective. They don’t want you to know this because they want you to be scared. We know early treatment could have saved millions of lives. Millions of lives. They do not want you to know this.

We need to stop the tyranny. We need to stop it now. We need to speak out for the truth. We need to let doctors be doctors and do what doctors do. Doctors treat their patients because they’re the ones that know best. They are the patient’s doctor. It needs to be a contract between the patient and his doctor. They should decide alone what treatment to give. It’s no business of the federal government or agencies to tell doctors how to practice medicine.

So, I thank you all for being here because together we are much stronger than we are alone. And our voices will be heard. They will be caught out for their lies. And, ultimately they are going to take responsibility for the devastation they have caused.

Dr. Flavio Cadegiani: First of all I would like to bring you a surprise. The president of Brazil is bringing a message that he fully supports the Defeat the Mandates, officially.

This goes beyond political parties, political orientations, or anything else. This is a time for us to be one — fighting for the truth.

After thousands of papers published, after treating more than 3,000 patients with no deaths