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Dr. Ryan Cole: Molecular and immunological pathogenesis of spike-induced disease
Steve Kirsch: Epidemiology of vaccine injuries across the globe
Dr. Paul Marik: Overview of the I-RECOVER Post Vaccine Syndrome Protocol
Dr. Pierre Kory: My experience treating spike-induced disease. What works!
Dr. Mobeen Syed: Autophagy: Intermittent Fasting, resveratrol, and spermidine
Dr. Keith Berkowitz: Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) for spike-induced disease: Why and how!
Dr. Suzanne Gazda: Neurological impact of spike-induced disease and an approach to treatment (pre-recorded)
Dr. Flavio Cadegiani: Diagnosis and management of endocrinological indications
Dr. Meryl Nass: Evaluation and management of mitochondrial dysfunction in spike-induced disease and chronic fatiguing illnesses
Dr. James Thorp: Characteristics and management of reproductive issues in women with spike-induced disease
Dr. Jordan Vaughn: Micro-clotting in spike-induced disease: How to diagnose and treat!
Dr. Yusuf (JP) Saleeby: Activation/reactivation due to COVID-19 and vaccine
Dr. Paul Harch: A practical guide to hyperbaric oxygen therapy in spike-induced disease
Dr. Asher Milgrom: The role for apheresis, ozone, and other therapies in refractory cases (pre-recorded)
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